Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rhianna's Baptism

For the past week we have been having fun with Grandma and Grandpa Boivie. We had a few relaxing days while Seth got over strep. Then we got to go to the movies and the Children's Museum. Steve and I got a night out and the kids had a party with Grandma and Grandpa. Then Krista and Scott joined us later in the week. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese for games and the Flandrau Science Center where we especially liked all the stones and gems and some of the science games. And we have just spent lots of time at home talking and playing games.

All of this fun culminated in Rhianna's baptism yesterday. There were also 2 other kids getting baptized and so probably about 80 people there - including all those we invited. Besides our family, we had the Kenchingtons (my distant cousins), friends the Neumillers, Ali's family, Rhianna's teachers Ms Kunk and Ms Larkin, and Sis Bushman. We were so happy they all joined us and many of them participated in the program. Afterward we all stayed and talked and enjoyed treats. I am grateful for so many kind people around us.

It was exciting watching Rhianna as it came close to the time for her to turn eight and be baptized. Before her baptism she read through the whole Book of Mormon with Steve and had found scriptures she really loved. She had her interview with the Bishop. She chose who she wanted to invite and wanted to help with different parts of her baptism and called or emailed all of them herself. Her Grandpa Boivie suggested to her earlier in the week that she pray to feel the Spirit. She was prepared.

I watched from the side as she was baptized. I loved seeing her dad hug her after and then her smile as she came out of the water. She was then confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and said she could feel the Spirit. What a great memory - I hope those feelings stay with her even though some of the details of the day may not.

We then went to dinner at Catalina Barbeque Co and enjoyed a delicious meal - the great Mac and Cheese that Rhianna really wanted and other meats and sides for the rest of us. We gave her a few small gifts. She got a CTR ring from Steve's parents. We gave her a ring with little pink stones, not her birth stone, but following the tradition in my family that I hope will help her think back to this day and her family and parents who love her. Finally a new set of scriptures as was the tradition in Steve's family.

It was a wonderful day. I have such great memories of the days surrounding my baptism. I still have the small pearl ring my dad gave me. Steve still has his set of scriptures, though they have now been passed on to Rhianna and as of today on to Rand. Last night I peeked through Rhianna's door and just watched her as she wrote page after page in her journal about the day. I love my kind, wonderful, good daughter and I am so pleased it was such a perfect day for her.


merathon said...

i loved reading about rhianna's big day. she sounds like such a sweet girl with a strong testimony. can't believe she's already that old, but i guess kendall isn't too far behind now! next year!

Valerie said...

Congratulations, Rhianna! You are a cute girl and I am proud of you.