Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning - Bad Storm

This morning was so good for Rand. He is our early riser. Now that school is going I set my alarm for 6:30 but really don't need to. Rand usually wakes up around 6 but is very good about being quiet. Seth is up soon after that needing help on the potty.

Well this morning I heard Rand moving around before 6 but I just stayed in bed. When I did get up he said he was trying to do secret stuff so he would have extra time to play with Rhianna before school. He had gone to the bathroom, gotten dressed, gotten the table all set for breakfast, and cleaned his room. What a good boy. And they did have time to play - that is one of the things they are missing a little now with school.

Last Tuesday was not quite so good for Rand. I was just a little later in getting to the school. All the parking was totally taken and I couldn't figure out why. I had to park on the dirt lot farther away. I was reminded once again that I need to pay better attention to the weather now with kids in school. We walked up to the school and Rand was already out and Rhianna came just after him. Big drops started but I thought that was all. We were barely out of the gate and just got pummeled by the rain. Rand was screaming and crying because we were trying to move fast but had a ways to go and the wind and rain were so hard and strong. Big lightening and big thunder all very close. We made it to the car which got covered in mud. I waited a little because I couldn't even see to drive. But didn't want to wait too long and get stuck in the mud I was now parked in. Luckily we live just a 1/2 mile from the school and made it safely. We pulled off all the muddy wet clothes, showered off, and then Rand said a prayer. This was a big storm. We were safe but it was definitely very scary for Rand.


Valerie said...

Those monsoons are crazy. That's a really cute story about Rand this morning. I'm impressed he even thought of setting the table!

Liz said...

Oh, It is so fun to catch up with your blog, Stephanie. You are such a fun writer. I am so proud of Seth!! Wow! You must be doing something right also for it to go so smoothly!! You are a blessed woman for sure. And congratulations to Rhianna. She is such a beautiful girl. Brook is wearing her skirts all of the time, even when it is cold. She loves them. I loved reading about your trips also. I miss talking with you! I also miss those storms. They were so awesome. We just have constant drizzles. Trying to get used to it! I'm glad you guys are doing well.