Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best Potty Training EVER!!

We knew Seth was getting ready to be potty trained since he would always announce what he was doing to us. But I was waiting...waiting mainly for school to start and the other kids to be off to get serious.

While Steve was on his trip to Montreal I took the kids to get a few things for school. Since we were at Target and it was just a week until school when I was really thinking about starting the potty training, we bought Seth underwear. He picked out superheroes and Mickey Mouse. Well he was so excited he wanted to start wearing them. So I would let him just sometimes in the afternoons at home. He made it to the potty a few times. One day he had 3 accidents in a row - then I started timing him.

He was still only wearing the underwear for part of the day when we started the M&Ms. Steve's mom had told us an idea of letting everyone get a treat for going on the potty. Rhianna and Rand were of course all for this idea because they would now get a bonus for what they were already doing. Seth was also motivated - 1 M&M for going on the potty - Hooray!

Part way through the first week of school Seth didn't like me timing him any more. I would tell him he had to listen to his body and run to the potty - and he really did it. All last week he wore underwear all day. He would even tell me in the car and then hold it as I got to Walmart or home or somewhere as fast as possible. I have still been putting him in night time diapers but they have been dry almost every night too.

So I never really did have to get too serious. In only about 3 weeks, 1 big bag of M&Ms, and less than 10 accidents - I think he is potty trained!!

And he even critiques me - after I wiped him the other day he said, "Mom you didn't do your best job." And then wiped his own bum.

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