Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning - Bad Storm

This morning was so good for Rand. He is our early riser. Now that school is going I set my alarm for 6:30 but really don't need to. Rand usually wakes up around 6 but is very good about being quiet. Seth is up soon after that needing help on the potty.

Well this morning I heard Rand moving around before 6 but I just stayed in bed. When I did get up he said he was trying to do secret stuff so he would have extra time to play with Rhianna before school. He had gone to the bathroom, gotten dressed, gotten the table all set for breakfast, and cleaned his room. What a good boy. And they did have time to play - that is one of the things they are missing a little now with school.

Last Tuesday was not quite so good for Rand. I was just a little later in getting to the school. All the parking was totally taken and I couldn't figure out why. I had to park on the dirt lot farther away. I was reminded once again that I need to pay better attention to the weather now with kids in school. We walked up to the school and Rand was already out and Rhianna came just after him. Big drops started but I thought that was all. We were barely out of the gate and just got pummeled by the rain. Rand was screaming and crying because we were trying to move fast but had a ways to go and the wind and rain were so hard and strong. Big lightening and big thunder all very close. We made it to the car which got covered in mud. I waited a little because I couldn't even see to drive. But didn't want to wait too long and get stuck in the mud I was now parked in. Luckily we live just a 1/2 mile from the school and made it safely. We pulled off all the muddy wet clothes, showered off, and then Rand said a prayer. This was a big storm. We were safe but it was definitely very scary for Rand.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best Potty Training EVER!!

We knew Seth was getting ready to be potty trained since he would always announce what he was doing to us. But I was waiting...waiting mainly for school to start and the other kids to be off to get serious. While Steve was on his trip to Montreal I took the kids to get a few things for school. Since we were at Target and it was just a week until school when I was really thinking about starting the potty training, we bought Seth underwear. He picked out superheroes and Mickey Mouse. Well he was so excited he wanted to start wearing them. So I would let him just sometimes in the afternoons at home. He made it to the potty a few times. One day he had 3 accidents in a row - then I started timing him. He was still only wearing the underwear for part of the day when we started the M&Ms. Steve's mom had told us an idea of letting everyone get a treat for going on the potty. Rhianna and Rand were of course all for this idea because they would now get a bonus for what they were already doing. Seth was also motivated - 1 M&M for going on the potty - Hooray! Part way through the first week of school Seth didn't like me timing him any more. I would tell him he had to listen to his body and run to the potty - and he really did it. All last week he wore underwear all day. He would even tell me in the car and then hold it as I got to Walmart or home or somewhere as fast as possible. I have still been putting him in night time diapers but they have been dry almost every night too. So I never really did have to get too serious. In only about 3 weeks, 1 big bag of M&Ms, and less than 10 accidents - I think he is potty trained!!

And he even critiques me - after I wiped him the other day he said, "Mom you didn't do your best job." And then wiped his own bum.

More Seth Stories

Today Seth kept saying he wanted his toes painted like mine. I kept telling him that fingernail polish is just for girls like mommy and Rhianna. So he came up with a great idea - sticker paint - and put stickers on all of his toes.

Seth is pretty funny whenever he gets hurt. He had enough really bad falls when he was littler that he knows to put ice on his head. So now he just runs to the freezer himself to get the ice pack. Lately he has had an sore on his top lip. Every few days he picks at the skin and sometimes makes it bleed a little bit. Of course he thinks that a band aid will help (even though the owie is really more inside his mouth) and it just looks ridiculous.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school!! Hooray!

Rand was so excited and was up and getting dressed and ready right away. Today was his first day of Kindergarten. We walked him into his class. We could tell he was just a little bit nervous but quickly joined right in. He really enjoyed the story they read today and just felt happy overall. He already got 2 stars - one for laying down quietly and one for sitting properly. And my favorite report was that he made 2 1/2 friends (Alex only sometimes wanted to play).

This was Rand at about 4 pm - the good day wore him out!

Rhianna started 3rd grade and said it was awesome. I got a very detailed report of everything she did today. She is happy to finally have a desk (not just a table for several kids as she has had all the other years) so she has more elbow room and legroom. They learned a fun song, went running (even in the super hot weather), started learning about their daily work, played games - just had a good day.

We are happy they both had such a great start. Seth and I had a good day too - we danced and played pretend and went to the library. I think he did miss them a little and so he drew pictures for them. But we will have a good year at home too. One of our next big challenges is potty training. Steve will start teaching his first PhD Seminar next Monday. Have a good school year!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rhianna's Baptism

For the past week, we have been having fun with Grandma and Grandpa Boivie. We had a few relaxing days while Seth got over strep. Then we got to go to the movies and the Children's Museum. Steve and I got a night out and the kids had a party with Grandma and Grandpa. Then Krista and Scott joined us later in the week. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese for games and the Flandrau Science Center where we especially liked all the stones and gems and some of the science games. And we have just spent lots of time at home talking and playing games.

All of this fun culminated in Rhianna's baptism yesterday. There were also 2 other kids getting baptized and so probably about 80 people there - including all those we invited. Besides our family, we had the Kenchingtons (my distant cousins), friends the Neumillers, Ali's family, Rhianna's teachers Ms Kunk and Ms Larkin, and Sis Bushman. We were so happy they all joined us and many of them participated in the program. Afterward, we all stayed and talked and enjoyed treats. I am grateful for so many kind people around us. It was exciting watching Rhianna as it came close to the time for her to turn eight and be baptized. Before her baptism, she read through the whole Book of Mormon with Steve and had found scriptures she really loved. She had her interview with the Bishop. She chose who she wanted to invite and wanted to help with different parts of her baptism and called or emailed all of them herself. Her Grandpa Boivie suggested to her earlier in the week that she pray to feel the Spirit. She was prepared.

I watched from the side as she was baptized. I loved seeing her dad hug her after and then her smile as she came out of the water. She was then confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and said she could feel the Spirit. What a great memory - I hope those feelings stay with her even though some of the details of the day may not. We then went to dinner at Catalina Barbeque Co and enjoyed a delicious meal - the great Mac and Cheese that Rhianna really wanted and other meats and sides for the rest of us. We gave her a few small gifts. She got a CTR ring from Steve's parents. We gave her a ring with little pink stones, not her birth stone, but following the tradition in my family that I hope will help her think back to this day and her family and parents who love her. Finally a new set of scriptures as was the tradition in Steve's family.

It was a wonderful day. I have such great memories of the days surrounding my baptism. I still have the small pearl ring my dad gave me. Steve still has his set of scriptures, though they have now been passed on to Rhianna and as of today on to Rand. Last night I peeked through Rhianna's door and just watched her as she wrote page after page in her journal about the day. I love my kind, wonderful, good daughter and I am so pleased it was such a perfect day for her.