Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Little Character

Seth is such a character right now. I wanted to share a few great things about him. #1 - He loves his hat. When we were in Boston we wanted to buy the kids a shirt or hat. Seth was asleep and Rhianna and Rand wanted both. So we agreed and got them each a shirt and hat but just got Seth a shirt (and all for a great deal - $15). Seth was not happy when he woke up. He wanted a hat. When we got back to Tucson, Rand gave him his old Chicago Cubs hat. And now he wears it all the time. It is the first thing he puts on in the morning and so that is why he is sleeping in it - he had woken up at 5:30 and I made him go back to bed...with the hat on.

#2 - He likes pretend playing. There are a few versions of games he likes to play with me: Daddy Batman and baby Batman, Daddy robot and baby robot, Diego and Alicia. In Diego and Alicia he now wants me to put a ponytail in my hair and then we save all the stuffed and plastic animals in our house. In the other games this is how they always start: Seth says, "I am Daddy Batman and you're my baby Batman. What you want to do baby?" Every time. Pretty fun.

*Other notables - He loves his Funk Sox shirt my brother and sister made us. I clearly do not do laundry frequently enough for how much he would like to wear the shirt. He loves blue and wants blue shorts, cups, bowls, spoons, water bottles etc. But at breakfast he does not want a kid bowl, he has to have a big bowl. He is 2 and can drive me nuts sometimes, but he is such a cute, fun, expressive little kid that he cracks me up and makes me and many others love him too.