Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rhianna's Birthday

We were happy to celebrate Rhianna's birthday on Tuesday. Her big present this year is a piano. Ever since last summer she has been practicing on the keyboard on her own. So we bought a nicer digital piano with the real feel and sound of a piano mainly for her at this point. (Eventually others will use it too.) And today I set up lessons - she will begin next Tuesday and was super excited to buy all the piano books today.

On her birthday she opened just a few other small presents, we went swimming with friends, and then she chose to go to Outback for dinner. We are glad she has good friends like Ali, Amelia, and Grace and that they could join our family.

This year is also an exciting year because Rhianna is 8 and that means she can get baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her baptism will be at the end of July. She has been reading the Book of Mormon with Steve this year and they finished it the morning of her birthday. Rhianna is a wonderful daughter and I am always happy to say that she was my best birthday present!


Maria said...

Happy birthday to both of you. Rhianna, you sure are cute!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday, Rhianna!! We wish we were there to go to your baptism! I am so impressed that you guys finished the Book of Mormon! We are still in 2Nephi and we started almost one year ago! We are consistent but very, very slow. That is the awesomest thing ever that you got a piano and Rhianna is taking lessons. The best present ever!