Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boston Part 1 - Family Reunion

Our first week in Boston was spent in a family reunion. My parents rented a house on a lake in Douglas, MA. Because of having to switch planes in Chicago because of some malfunction they couldn't fix, we actually arrived just past midnight early Sunday morning. But we got the whole week to enjoy time together. Much of the time was spent playing around the house (toys, games, baseball, kayaking, rockets, treasure hunts, etc) with a few trips out to do things. Some of the highlights (and some of these you will see in pictures):

Purgatory Chasm State Park - rain stopped, we found a trail, and had fun climbing rocks

Kid Treasure Hunt - follow the string

Adult Treasure Hunt - fast paced, full contact, we are still not as good as mom on the puzzles, and Maria totally fooled Valerie that she had won hundreds of dollars

Rockets - Kids assisted Brian and Lukas and shot off a few rockets

Swimming, Kayaking, and Fires at the lake - pretty chilly water for us but still fun, good s'mores

Candlepin bowling - bowling with skinny pins and little balls

Family Pictures - Including a final shot of all the adult kids (me down to my 19 year old brother) jumping off the dock into the lake in our clothes, shocking but a really great photo. You can see some of the pictures on Gloria's website

Hearing my mom and dad's testimony of their mission as they leave for India

Good food - Becky made German bienenstich and wiener schnitzel, Valerie made Indian lentil curry, we made some good guacamole, Michael and Calvin grilled burgers, Maria did a pasta salad and corn on the cob, the grandkids made pigs in a blanket, fruit trees and cookies with Grandma and Grandpa

Sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa - they took all the grandkids and told stories and had a sleepover in the big master bedroom

It was a fun week. On Saturday we left the house but still spent much of the day together at Maria's watching World Cup Soccer and playing games before people started heading out. I am glad we had the fun week together.


Valerie said...

Haha. I just clicked on some pictures to zoom in on them. Seth's face is AWESOME in the one where he's in the kayak with Calvin!

Sarah said...

What a fun family reunion! I love Boston - it's a great city. So your parents are in India now? To answer your question, my in-laws are serving in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank goodness for Skype! I love all of your pictures. You have such a cute family:)