Friday, May 21, 2010


I just wanted to clarify Stephanie's last post a little bit. This week I got my 5th paper accepted at an "A" journal. At most schools in my field that is about what it takes to get tenure. So this was a very big deal for me because it now takes a lot of the pressure off. I don't have to worry whether I will get enough papers accepted in time. However, I don't have tenure yet. I have to apply for tenure at my school and the process takes a whole year. Trust me, when I get tenure, we will definitely post about it. Thanks for all of the love and support.

I will say that it is a truly great feeling. I had finished breakfast and after breakfast I go into the office to read my scriptures and then I check email, etc. There was an email from one of my coauthors letting me know that the paper was accepted. I ran out and told the family that we were going to celebrate. That is when Rand made his awesome comment about me now teaching ten-year-olds. We celebrated by going out to dinner that night and having a great meal with some great dessert. Being an academic is an awesome career and I am very happy with my job, but it was definitely nice to reach this big milestone of getting a significant number of papers accepted.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good News

As we were finishing breakfast this morning, Steve came running out of the office very excited. His paper got accepted! He had paper #4 accepted back in April and this one makes 5 papers in great journals. Very good news for Steve's career. We cheered and gave hugs and then Rand asked, "Does this mean you get to teach ten year olds?" Yes Rand - this does mean Steve can get "tenure." He was listening to all those conversations, just didn't quite understand...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day

All week long the kids have made some small Mother's Day cards and crafts at school or the YMCA or playgroup. Steve told me last night that Rhianna had made great plans for Mother's Day. She even prepped her brothers and told them to be quiet and sneaky when they woke up, not to bother me, just to wake up dad and Rhianna so they could do kind things for me. Seth didn't quite get the whole message and snuck into my room and yelled, "BOO." I thought it was hilarious but stayed sleeping in bed. Rhianna had prepared the breakfast menu and helped Steve cook. Then they all brought me breakfast in bed. I got to rest some more before actually getting up and it was a very relaxing day. Rhianna and Rand love to make up their own games and sometimes can play for hours. And now Seth is even starting to play along with them. This too was part of Rhianna's plan for my mother's day, to help them all get along, and the kids did great. This is a picture of my room from the game they played before church.

I rarely mind messes anyway, but this was particularly nice mess for me today because I knew they were really trying to play well for me. Then after church Seth took a nap, we ate pulled pork, and Rhianna and Rand created puzzles for each other.

Our church services were also very nice today. The kids sang a few songs for mothers and I enjoyed seeing Rhianna and Rand's smiling faces along with the hand motions Rand was doing. We got a new bishopric today and so the meeting was both the old and new Bishoprics and a few of their wives bearing their testimonies. On mother's day I was particularly touched by the new Bishop's wife talking about his mother. He grew up here in Tucson, in this ward, and his parents and 2 of his brothers also live in our ward. His parents learned about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as adults and were baptized and then taught their children. And now on Mother's Day she got to see her son be worthy to serve and be called as Bishop. It was a very spiritual and uplifting meeting. Being a mother involves so much. The phrase my kids probably hear me say the most might be "I'm tired." They have so much energy and gusto and waking up before my alarm to my cute 2 year old saying "Mom-mom I got Poop-poop" nearly every morning often leaves me tired. But hopefully the phrase they hear at least second most is "I love you." We really feel it and Steve and I try to make sure we say it often to each other and to our kids. There really are so many great moments or days like this one that make me appreciate the joy I have in my family and the goodness of each of my children individually. PS - It is now Monday morning and I guess Seth did get it. This morning he yelled for Dad to change his poop-poop. And he couldn't be persuaded otherwise. He said "Mom needs sleep." And so Steve got to wake up early again. Ahhh.