Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Happenings in April

We had our huge dead pine tree cut down and the stump removed. On one hand I was glad to hear it was bark beetles that got into the tree and killed it with nothing much I could have done (I really don't know what I am doing with any plants here in the desert). On the other hand it was a great big beautiful shady tree and it is sad it died.

Lots of playing here at home with Rand and Seth while Rhianna is off to school.

Seth is just cute.

Rand lost his second tooth.
We went on a ward temple trip. Some of the members watched our kids at a church nearby the temple. I took a sister back to the temple that hadn't been in years. Steve took two newer members to do baptisms. It was a wonderful day up in Mesa. On the way home, nearly everyone was asleep, which left Rand with an upside-down imprint of the R from his sticker on his face.

Rand and Seth made instruments at Bookman's for our playgroup today.

Rhianna and Rand are in swim lessons - yes this early in the year. But it is already getting hot. And hopefully lessons will help them swim better at the reunion in Boston and during the summer here.

We had a busy day today...gas, car wash, playgroup making instruments, grocery shopping, lunch, TV while mom pre-made dinner for the missionaries, pick Rhianna up from school, home for a little, swimming lessons, dinner...Then we relaxed and watched an episode of Life. I love these amazing shows about the Earth and the plants and animals. And my 2 boys fell asleep on me. It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Hey mom,it's just me Rhianna,I just want to say nice post,good job.Also,if anyone else writes and\or reads comments,we had a nice time at the Gila Valley temple open
house yesterday.

(It was me,Rhianna that wrote this.)

cd said...

WOW, such a small world. Steve Boivie from Cardston, Alberta, Canada. Home of the Cardston temple, where you can eat school lunch on the temple lawn.
You have a nice looking family and looks like you are doing well. The Riding's are a great family to know.

Looks like you are sticking with your move every 5 years plan? Has that kept you out of the Bishopric yet?

Adam Dolezal

Steve said...

It is funny how people remember some things you say more vividly than you do. I had forgot about the 5 year plan, even though I have ended up moving regularly.

I have been an Executive Secretary for a year (then we moved). That is the closest I have come.

cd said...

I agree, I can't believe I remember that you said that after 15 years!! I still remember the Thrifty Ice cream runs in the Canyon Country zone on those hot days. Here is my email asoccer_ref98@yahoo.com.