Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Easter Weekend

What a wonderful chance we had to spend Easter weekend in Salt Lake City at General Conference with my parents and brothers. Here is a recap of some of the things we did:

Flew on planes - a first for Seth. We met the pilot on our first flight and the kids got to go into the cabin after we landed. They all did great and enjoyed the juice and pretzels. The flight home we even flew the first portion to Denver with Grandma and Grandpa and then continued home to Tucson.

Played in snow! Very exciting and very cold for those of us from Arizona. But we got some good snowball throwing in until little hands were too cold.

Visited buildings around Temple Square. We went on a tour of the Conference Center including the roof. We went around the Joseph Smith Memorial building and saw the Joseph Smith movie - wonderfully done showing his fun personality but also very sad hard things in his life. We were all in tears at the end. Not only was the movie touching, but also listening to the questions and comments of Rhianna and Rand throughout the movie. We also touched the temple, went to the Primary/RS/YW building and the visitor's center and saw many other buildings from a distance. Seth's favorite was all the water fountains both in and out of buildings.

Went to Conference. Steve and I went Saturday morning, and Rhianna went Saturday morning with my dad. Steve went to Priesthood Session and I also got to go to the Sunday morning Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast and conference session with my dad. My dad has served as an Area Seventy for 7 years and was released on Saturday afternoon. Now he and my mom will serve as mission president/companion in the India Bangalore Mission. I was very glad to be able to hear all these talks, many focused on parents teaching their children. And to be there for the talk about mothers and daughters - with my mother nearby watching my boys and my daughter (whose little head I could barely see down below with my dad) was a highlight. Then Sunday morning was beautiful - wonderful thoughts and talks about the Savior. I am so glad we could be there with my parents.

Ate good food. My parents got us the room at the Marriott with breakfast at the restaurant included. So we had a huge buffet and the best and biggest breakfast we will eat in a long time. Plus access to the concierge floor - Seth learned quickly about elevators and treats up on the 16th floor. Plus we went out for a few meals. My brother Michael is going to leave in June to serve a mission in Brazil so we all went to Rodizio Grill together. My family will not be disappointed to know our sleep genes live on - Seth could relax at these places and so often fell asleep eating.
At Nauvoo Cafe - after just one bite
At Rodizio Grill - this time with a little more food eaten

Swimming. The pool was just about the perfect temperature and only 3 1/2-4 1/2 feet deep so just perfect for us. We went swimming nearly every night and had fun.

And that's it. The rest of the time was just filled with relaxing and talking and enjoying being together. I am glad we got to see my family and I am excited for the reunion in Boston. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!!


Valerie said...

Wish I could have been there, but glad you got to experience it. I love all the pictures, especially the first one and the one where Seth is climbing into the fountain while everyone else is smiling nicely.

Maria said...

I love that first picture. I am so impressed that you got all 3 kids sleeping in one bed. We couldn't get Emmy to sleep with anyone at the hotel. It was the worst night of sleep I have ever had. Even when compared to the newborn days. Anyhow, glad you had a great trip and got to do so many fun things with the fam.

Sarah said...

Hi Stephanie! It is so good to hear from you. You're kids are so big! It's amazing how time flies so quickly. Hope your doing well in Arizona. What a great experience to go to the conference sessions. I don't think I've done that since my college days at BYU. Thanks for writing - we'll have to stay in touch:)