Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Surprise - Rand Lost a Tooth!

Rand's tooth has been wiggly for a while now. But we were all surprised when he lost his first tooth on Sunday. Here is the story in Rand's words:

It was after church and Tyler couldn't come with dad so me and Rhianna were dad's home teaching companions. It was after the lesson and I was wiggling my tooth and they were just talking. I kept on wiggling my tooth and it popped out and it was in my hand and my fingers were a little bloody. I was doing a weird smile and Rhianna was like, "What happened?" And I was still doing that weird smile. And Rhianna was like,"Did you lose a tooth?" And I was still doing that weird smile and I did that weird smile for a while. And then the people gave me a napkin and a bag to put my tooth in. And when I got home mom was really surprised.

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