Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun facts with Rand

One of the things I love about Rand being able to read is when he reads us lines from cereal boxes in the morning. Just imagine sitting there, eating your cereal, and one of these lines comes out of a 5 year old:

"We believe in real simple food. " - Cheerios
"A good breakfast can help you get going, manage your weight, stay on task at work, and concentrate." - Crispix
"Family life is better when your kids are healthy." - Froot Loops

Cracks me up!

(And may I also just mention - there was a good sale on Kellogg's cereals. I got several Crispix since that is Steve's favorite and Rand wanted me to get the Froot Loops. Froot Loops now advertises "Now provides Fiber - a great way to keep kids healthy." However, that added fiber plus the crazy bright colors are not quite as pleasant coming out in Seth's diapers still in crazy bright green!)

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