Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Tons

We have decided to try to sell our house. Mainly we would like to be saving towards building a house and with the market as it is the value of our house is continuing to fall. We will see how it goes...if nothing happens that is fine too...we like the house and where we are.

But in preparing to list the house we decided to do a little work mainly on a few things we wanted improved for us too if we stay here. We had the carpets cleaned and the front and side doors replaced. We also had the yard cleaned up. One thing we have wanted is more rock. Most of our front yard is rock landscape here in Arizona, but the rock was getting pretty thin. So we ordered 10 tons of rock.

Steve kept laughing at me, but I was seriously nervous about them showing up and dumping 10 TONS of rocks on our curb. I know rock is heavy but I was picturing it taking up the full length of our house. This is what 10 tons of rocks looks like:

So still a big pile. The first set of landscapers didn't show up that morning. I went out with Rand and Seth and buckets (we have no wheelbarrow) and thought we would give it a shot. I gave up after about 4 buckets full. I knew it would take forever. I put up cones because I also didn't want any cars crashing into the big pile. The next day I got a new landscaper out to the house. He was one very hard working guy that did have shovels and a wheelbarrow and it took him 5 hours to move all the rock. We have planted a few flowers and cacti/succulents and it looks nice.


Maria said...

That is still a lot of rocks. I am glad you found someone else to move them. I like the new front door too. Any interest on your house yet?

Valerie said...

10 tons?! That's insane. I like the end result with the flowers and cactus. Remember that monstrous bug we saw on the wall by your house that one time? That was also crazy.

Anonymous said...

The house has now been on the market for just over a week. We had one visit last Friday. I have had a few neighbors stop by to ask about us moving, but not with interest in the house. So we will see.