Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Eve

We were sad one set of friends got sick just before New Years - but we had another set of friends over. We ate dinner and good desserts and then just played with games and toys. We got out the horns and pop-its and had our little celebration at approximately 7:30.

After friends left the kids did want to try to make it until midnight. First we watched a Planet Earth movie - awesome - and that got Seth to relax and fall asleep at about 8:30. Then Rhianna taught me how to do iris folding cards - not too difficult just takes a lot of tape and time, but makes cool designs. Rand did mazes while we worked. Then he joined Steve watching some football and fell asleep.

So this was our house at approximately 10:30 pm:
(I can't get the picture of Seth to flip...)

I actually went into bed and I was reading and nearly asleep at midnight. Rhianna barely made it staying up with Steve. Happy New Year!


Maria said...

I like all this posting. Great pictures--sleeping kids are the cutest!

merathon said...

those cards are COOL! how fun when your kids are old enough to teach YOU something!

Valerie said...

Man, I forgot to comment on all these posts. I totally want to learn how to make those folding cards--they look awesome! Also, I can't believe how long Rhianna's hair is getting.