Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

We have had a nice Christmas vacation. Rhianna returns to school on Monday and so we will return to setting the alarm and having a schedule. But it has been a very relaxing few weeks. Even Christmas was pretty relaxed.

Christmas Eve was actually a kind of rough day. I think the day before had been too exciting and we were having mini breakdowns all the time with all of the kids. We also had so much food left over we decided not to even cook the ham and have our bigger dinner but instead eat leftovers. We did act out the Nativity and read from both the Bible and Book of Mormon about Christ's birth. This year we switched parts: Steve was the donkey, Stephanie was Mary, Seth was Joseph, Rand was the shepherd, and Rhianna was the angel. That evening ended on a happy note. Even though the kids were expecting to get new pajamas, they were so excited and happy and thankful for what we had picked for them.

Christmas morning started at 7 am. We looked at our stockings and Seth started eating chocolates immediately as expected (and that is why he only got 2 in his stocking). We then ate breakfast - cheesy eggs and toast - so we could take time opening presents. After being good and waiting to open presents, Seth thought he should open them all. Rhianna and Rand are good to him and he really did help open every present. Thank you to our family and friends who sent gifts - The rest of the day was just spent slowly playing with all of them. A few of our favorites include: workbooks and coloring supplies, scooter, little kitchen, gift cards to movies/restaurants, Planet Earth DVD, Bop-it...

We like to end our day on Christmas coming back to remember Christ along with all the nice things we enjoyed that day. So this year we read a little more from the Bible about the wise men finding Jesus and then watched the movie "Joy to the World" that portrays all these accounts of His birth.

(This is the famous "Ru-off" book that Seth loves. This book became Seth's guide to Christmas, including of course Rudolph and Santa as the only one allowed to say Ho-ho-ho)

And we have just enjoyed the days since. We went as a whole family to The Princess and the Frog - our first movie all together since Seth was super tiny. Rhianna and Rand have created games together and one day played for 6 hours straight, only stopping when I said they needed to eat lunch. We played with friends and went to the Children's Museum and then had a nice end to 2009 and good start to the New Year - 2010.

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Valerie said...

I LOVE the picture by the tree. Cute, cute kids. I can't wait to see you all again. I know it's only been like 8 months, but kids grow up too fast!