Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Story of a Boy by Rand Boivie

Once there was this boy and he always had lots of great ideas. He was one of the smartest boys in school. One day as he was walking a fly started buzzing around his head. He opened his mouth and the fly flew into his mouth and it flew down his throat and into his stomach and then into his small intestines and into his blood and it ended up in his brain.

When the boy went back into class all of the other students were asking him to tell them some of his great ideas. The boy looked at them and opened his mouth and said: "Frog." Because the fly was in his brain all he could think of were animals and bugs. He tried again and said: "Horse."

Soon the fly realized that there was no air in the boy's brain because air can't get into brains, so he crawled until he came out of the brain and back into the boy's mouth. Then there was some air and he flew to the exit. However, he flew right into a bug catching bucket and died.

The End


Valerie said...

Hahaha. That is awesome. I would like to hear a live webcam re-telling of this story.

Maria said...

I love it Rand. I like you know all the parts of the digestive system too!

Andrea said...

Rand, I like your story. Did the boy feel a tickle from the fly? Grandma Funk