Thursday, December 24, 2009

December Fun

Just thought I would do a quick post showing you some pictures of our fun December. This has been a very nice Christmas season for us. Stephanie and I had all of our Christmas shopping done by Dec 1, so December has been relaxed and enjoyable.

Here is Seth enjoying our Lego advent calendar. He really loved to stand on a chair and play with it.

Because today is Christmas Eve, we finished the Lego advent calendar. The last pieces were a Santa figure and pieces to make a fireplace with stockings. The whole calendar made a winter town scene and was very fun. Here are pictures of all of the pieces.

Here is a picture of the kids standing by the Christmas tree. Seth was very excited this year to help decorate. He has done a great job of containing his enthusiasm with the tree and the ornaments. We only have to tell him a couple of times a day not to play with the tree, or the presents.

This December has shown us that Seth is definitely a strong-willed two year old. One thing he loves to do is to sneak the little Clementine oranges.

Finally, here is a picture of Rand with his gingerbread (really Graham cracker) house that he made at the library.

I am going to let Rand describe it in his own words. "One bear is climbing a big rock. Two baby bears are resting in the sun. The mama bear is walking home from the grocery store. Two bears are in the Christmas graveyard. One girl bear and one boy bear are playing in the back yard. Another boy bear is doing a handstand by the fence. Two girl bears are playing in the sand box."

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