Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Adam

I'm not exactly sure when, but a number of years ago on December 23rd I joked that we should call the day "Christmas Adam" because it is the day before Christmas Eve and Adam came before Eve. Since then I have always joked that one of my life goals is to popularize Christmas Adam across the world. My hope is that someday someone who I have never told about it will ask me what I am doing for Christmas Adam. Then I will know my life has had meaning.

To help with the cause, a few years ago Stephanie and I decided to have a small party each year on Christmas Adam. It works out especially great here in Tucson, because Dec 23rd is also the birthday of our good friend Bob Neumiller, so each year our Christmas Adam party is also a birthday party for him.

This year our party was a lot of fun. We decided to have finger food. We had chips and 7-layer dip, bulgogi kebabs, potstickers, egg rolls, fruit, veggies and more. Everything was delicious.

After the food we played Jumanji. Rand's team (including Bob and Corine) won.

Stephanie decided that it would be fun to decorate cupcakes to look like Christmas ornaments. Everyone really had a great time decorating.

Here are some pictures of the results.

Everyone had a great time and we hope that next year everyone who reads this blog will remember and celebrate Christmas Adam.

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merathon said...

i LOVE it! how come you never had any Christmas Adam parties when we were all in Austin? next year, we're celebrating just for you!