Monday, November 9, 2009


Just now getting around to Halloween...It was a fun time this year. Last year felt like we went a little overboard with parties and candy so we cut back this year. We had our church Trunk or Treat on Wednesday, October 28. It was fun but very chilly. We made our jack-o-lantern on Thursday and Friday while Rhianna was at school. Seth was my biggest help. Rhianna had also made tie-dye shirts in school that they all wore on Friday. Then on Saturday we went out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with the Neumillers. Rhianna and Rand were more into it this year but Seth did a great job of keeping up and saying trick or treat. After about an hour legs were getting tired and we headed home. The kids ate candy and then we had them pick out some candy for the week. The rest we send in to Steve's university students.

Our favorite part this year was that all our kids actually had tricks. Someone asked at the ward party and they could show them off - Rhianna learned spells from Harry Potter and so she could do them as Hermione, Rand would shoot his webs as Spiderman, and Seth could give you a shot.