Monday, October 26, 2009


Seth is Two! Those years go quickly. It is amazing how much he has grown and learned. We are still so glad he is in our family. He often gets cuts and bruises, but is now good at getting himself ice out of the freezer or asking for band aids. He loves climbing, eating, laughing, anything Rhianna and Rand are doing, helping, playing, taking baths, talking, pushing buttons, saying hi....he is still just so cute and charming and very joyful. It is a pretty fun time right now.

He just had a few presents for his birthday. For each he would say ,"Big" and then rip it open as quickly as possible and move on to the next. Once everything was open then he paid attention to them and played. Rhianna and Rand also made him great cards on their own.

After dinner the Neumillers came over for cake and ice cream. He just loves them and specifically asked for Amelia to come to his birthday- they were the friends that watched Rhianna and Rand overnight while I had Seth and Corine first saw Seth when he was just one day old. His cake we decorated with sprinkles and m&ms. He knew to blow out the candles, but I guess his blowing wasn't working too well. He kept pulling the cake closer and leaning in until I thought he was about to burn his lips. So we backed him up and helped him a little with the blowing. And of course he enjoyed the cake!


Maria said...

Wow, Steph I see so much of you in that little boy. And I agree those first couple of years just fly by. Maybe some of the blur is all that sleep deprivation?

Andrea said...

You are such a cute, sweet boy. We can't believe you are already two. We love your beautiful smile. Grandma and Grandpa Funk