Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Moments in Parenting

Seth had a rough day on Saturday. After breakfast he wanted to go play outside, still in his pjs. So he was out there playing with dirt and fell head first on a rock. His head has amazing swelling abilities and very quickly there was a huge blue bump out of his forehead. After icing it for 15 minutes he was ready to go again.

But being good parents we decided he shouldn't head back outside with the rocks. While we were listening to music and playing Legos with Rand, Seth came back into the family room with blood all over his face. He had gone into our bathroom and shaved just like daddy. And he had cut himself right on the edge of his lip. So lots of blood, sort of a tricky place to stop the bleeding, but not too bad.

And that was all by about 10 am. He is very good at saying "Only Momma, only Dadda" when we ask who should do things like: shave, spray clean shower, push buttons on the DVD player or computer, use sharp knives...but not so good at not doing those things. We stayed away from rocks and moved all the shaving gear to avoid any more injuries for the day. I was tired by the end of the day...as I am most days. He is a very cute little kid and I have fun with him. He still has the most charming personality and a lovable smile and laugh, but he is also definitely a sneaky energetic one.

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Maria said...

Oh, that shaving incident is both scary and cute. He wants to be like daddy but will hurt himself trying. At least you have another great story to tell him when he gets older.