Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Downside of Independence

Seth is almost two and lately has really desired more independence. He always wants to clear his plate from the table. He wants to pour his own milk. He has also started expressing interest in using his potty. The downside of this is that we will often find that he has pulled his pants off and also his diaper. So he has peed on his carpet a few times. So in our house you will see me or Steph telling Seth to stop taking his clothes off.

Last night we went to the store to get the kids some warmer clothes. It is still pretty warm here, but we have had some cool days and our kids needed pants and long sleeve shirts. At the clothing store in the changing room Seth felt left out so of course he took his clothes off too. That was OK because we were in the changing room. However, then we went to the shoe store to get new church shoes for Rhianna. Seth wanted to try on shoes so he took his shoes off, and also his shorts. Then he pulled down some girls shoes and tried them on. He looked wonderful. Pantsless wearing high heels. I wish we had our camera because we could have taken a picture that would have haunted him forever.

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