Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 year old stats

I like the old idea that you can double a child's height at age 2 to get their height when fully grown. I don't know if this is actually true, so I have kept good track of those measurements so I can see when they do grow up. (Okay so I guess I didn't keep as good a record as I thought...I can't actually find Rand's measurements written down, so his stats are actually just from my memory...)

Seth had his check-up on Tuesday. He is 31 pounds (which is about 85% right now - the kid is eating a ton) and 35 1/2 inches tall (which is about 75%). He took his 2 shots in stunned silence. Rand also had his 5 year old check up and both boys are doing really great.

So doubling the height of all my kids, this should be their height when adults:

Rhianna - 34 in = 68 in or 5' 8"
Rand - 36 1/2 in = 73 in or 6' 1" (it may have been 6'2"...)
Seth - 35 1/2 in = 71 in or 5' 11"

So we will see...That puts Rhianna and Seth and even Rand at pretty average heights. I expect Rand to be taller since he has always been higher percentage wise as a kid. Since Rhianna has gotten a little older her height percentage has gone down, she is a little shorter than others and so may be when she gets older too (like me??). So we will see. I guess that is why I think it is an interesting idea.

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Maria said...

I think Andrew was right about the same as Rand. It will be fun to see if this ends up being accurate. Another friend told me that you take the average of the parents height and add 2 inches and that is what the kids will be. Doesn't work in our family though.