Monday, October 26, 2009


Seth is Two! Those years go quickly. It is amazing how much he has grown and learned. We are still so glad he is in our family. He often gets cuts and bruises, but is now good at getting himself ice out of the freezer or asking for band aids. He loves climbing, eating, laughing, anything Rhianna and Rand are doing, helping, playing, taking baths, talking, pushing buttons, saying hi....he is still just so cute and charming and very joyful. It is a pretty fun time right now.

He just had a few presents for his birthday. For each he would say ,"Big" and then rip it open as quickly as possible and move on to the next. Once everything was open then he paid attention to them and played. Rhianna and Rand also made him great cards on their own.

After dinner the Neumillers came over for cake and ice cream. He just loves them and specifically asked for Amelia to come to his birthday- they were the friends that watched Rhianna and Rand overnight while I had Seth and Corine first saw Seth when he was just one day old. His cake we decorated with sprinkles and m&ms. He knew to blow out the candles, but I guess his blowing wasn't working too well. He kept pulling the cake closer and leaning in until I thought he was about to burn his lips. So we backed him up and helped him a little with the blowing. And of course he enjoyed the cake!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 year old stats

I like the old idea that you can double a child's height at age 2 to get their height when fully grown. I don't know if this is actually true, so I have kept good track of those measurements so I can see when they do grow up. (Okay so I guess I didn't keep as good a record as I thought...I can't actually find Rand's measurements written down, so his stats are actually just from my memory...)

Seth had his check-up on Tuesday. He is 31 pounds (which is about 85% right now - the kid is eating a ton) and 35 1/2 inches tall (which is about 75%). He took his 2 shots in stunned silence. Rand also had his 5 year old check up and both boys are doing really great.

So doubling the height of all my kids, this should be their height when adults:

Rhianna - 34 in = 68 in or 5' 8"
Rand - 36 1/2 in = 73 in or 6' 1" (it may have been 6'2"...)
Seth - 35 1/2 in = 71 in or 5' 11"

So we will see...That puts Rhianna and Seth and even Rand at pretty average heights. I expect Rand to be taller since he has always been higher percentage wise as a kid. Since Rhianna has gotten a little older her height percentage has gone down, she is a little shorter than others and so may be when she gets older too (like me??). So we will see. I guess that is why I think it is an interesting idea.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Power of Incentives

October is the month of Halloween and so at the beginning of the month we were talking about Halloween costumes with the kids. Two years ago Stephanie and I bought a Harry Potter robe on clearance and it finally fits Rhianna so she decided to go as Hermione. However, she had never read Harry Potter. She has read a number of other fantasy books, but she just never really seemed interested when I would suggest it. I decided that if she was going as Hermione, she should read the book. So I told her that if she finished the book by the end of the month that I would take her on a Daddy Daughter Date. Of course, she finished the book in only a few days. She loved it. She especially loved how smart Hermione was. Also, because she has such a tender hear, she felt bad that Harry's parents were killed. We had a really fun time on our date. Even though the miniature gold course was closed for a private event, we had fun playing games at Chuck E Cheeses and having lunch and then shopping. I really enjoyed talking with her during lunch. A parent at another table even marveled when we were talking about how big a million is. She looked over at us talking about numbers and said: "She is going to be so smart." I think she already is.

When I made this deal with Rhianna, Rand wanted to be included, so I decided to make a challenge for him. Rand has always been very outgoing and fearless about meeting new people and being away from his parents, but ever since we returned from our vacation he has really been having trouble being separated from us. He wouldn't let us leave him with anyone, he couldn't even stand to go to Primary without one of us there. We didn't want to make too big a deal about it because we figured it was just a phase, but it was hard seeing him so sad. So, I decided to challenge him to try to be separated from us 10 times. If he succeeded, then I would take him on a Father son outing. That meant he had to be willing to go to the babysitting at the YMCA while Stephanie exercised, or go to a friend's house while Stephanie helped out at Rhianna's school. He accepted the challenge and tried hard to be brave and get used to going to these places. On Friday he finished the challenge and we had our outing on Saturday. He wanted to do the same things as Rhianna (except for the shopping). We had a great time.

I am so grateful to have such cool kids. Whenever we hang out one on one, it is so fun. I am also glad that they took on my challenges and succeeded.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Downside of Independence

Seth is almost two and lately has really desired more independence. He always wants to clear his plate from the table. He wants to pour his own milk. He has also started expressing interest in using his potty. The downside of this is that we will often find that he has pulled his pants off and also his diaper. So he has peed on his carpet a few times. So in our house you will see me or Steph telling Seth to stop taking his clothes off.

Last night we went to the store to get the kids some warmer clothes. It is still pretty warm here, but we have had some cool days and our kids needed pants and long sleeve shirts. At the clothing store in the changing room Seth felt left out so of course he took his clothes off too. That was OK because we were in the changing room. However, then we went to the shoe store to get new church shoes for Rhianna. Seth wanted to try on shoes so he took his shoes off, and also his shorts. Then he pulled down some girls shoes and tried them on. He looked wonderful. Pantsless wearing high heels. I wish we had our camera because we could have taken a picture that would have haunted him forever.

Lucky Rand

Last night we went out to dinner at Pei Wei. We had a nice dinner and our kids are actually starting to like Chinese food which is nice. At the end of the dinner our kids were eating their Fortune Cookies. Rand asked me to read his fortune. Here is what it said: "There's a good chance of a romantic encounter soon." We all started laughing, but what was really funny was then Rand chimed in and said, "I got the lucky one!" So I guess Rand will be looking forward to his upcoming romantic encounter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Moments in Parenting

Seth had a rough day on Saturday. After breakfast he wanted to go play outside, still in his pjs. So he was out there playing with dirt and fell head first on a rock. His head has amazing swelling abilities and very quickly there was a huge blue bump out of his forehead. After icing it for 15 minutes he was ready to go again.

But being good parents we decided he shouldn't head back outside with the rocks. While we were listening to music and playing Legos with Rand, Seth came back into the family room with blood all over his face. He had gone into our bathroom and shaved just like daddy. And he had cut himself right on the edge of his lip. So lots of blood, sort of a tricky place to stop the bleeding, but not too bad.

And that was all by about 10 am. He is very good at saying "Only Momma, only Dadda" when we ask who should do things like: shave, spray clean shower, push buttons on the DVD player or computer, use sharp knives...but not so good at not doing those things. We stayed away from rocks and moved all the shaving gear to avoid any more injuries for the day. I was tired by the end of the I am most days. He is a very cute little kid and I have fun with him. He still has the most charming personality and a lovable smile and laugh, but he is also definitely a sneaky energetic one.