Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Temporary Sleeping Arrangements

Almost exactly one year ago we bought bunk beds for the boys room. These were black metal bunk beds and we thought it would be great for when we had guests come over and then for when Seth got bigger and both boys would have a place to sleep. Well at the time Seth was not even 1 yet and just barely walking.

Now is a different story. Almost 2 and Seth likes to climb. When he first started trying to climb the bunk beds at the beginning of summer I made a big deal about how he needed to ask me first. And he was pretty good and I could stand there and make sure he was safe. But starting about a month ago he would no longer listen. He was climbing up all the time. I would be making dinner and hear him call to me from the top bunk. Or go to the bathroom and he would be up there. With these metal beds it is trickier to learn how to get down and he has no clue. I would always take him down. It was causing me way too much stress.

So we sold the bunk beds. Rand is now just on his mattress on the floor. We have ordered new beds, and ironically they too are bunk beds. This time they are wood and can come apart. So once we get them we will set them up separately and then switch Seth from his crib to the bed. And perhaps someday in the future when it doesn't stress me out and the boys are bigger they will once again get bunk beds.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rand's Happy Birthday

Rand turned 5 last Sunday. Before his birthday he was coming up with all kinds of plans for what he would contests, Chuck E. Cheese, games, cake, restaurants....each day he had a new idea for us. But this is what we actually did

On Saturday we went bowling. Rand invited his (distant) cousin and friend Josh and their whole family came bowling with us. The kids had fun and did pretty good. Seth really wished he could have worn bowling shoes. Rand was big enough now to throw the ball on his own and got a spare. Rhianna even started bowling the correct way with fingers in the holes and got several strikes to beat us all. That night we went to dinner at Outback and they brought Rand a free ice cream sundae which thrilled him.

On Sunday after church Rand and Rhianna helped decorate his dinosaur cake with lots of skittles, m&ms and licorice everywhere. Then Rand opened presents and played until dinner. For dinner he chose french toast, so we ate and talked about the things we like about Rand. Then our friends the Neumillers came over for dino cake and ice cream. It was a really fun birthday weekend!

Some of the things we said we liked about Rand:
  • he is creative
  • he can think of good games and play nicely with Rhianna and Seth
  • he is so grateful and happy with each gift he gets
  • he is very bouncy and jumpy
  • he makes friends easily
  • he is trying to read
  • he likes singing