Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our next stop was Logan, Utah. I am very blessed to have all four of my grandparents still living. We stayed with my grandma and grandpa Clyde. I could just tell they were so excited to have us. They always greeted us outside and had food and toys and everything ready for our stay. They took us out to the back yard and let the kids run through the sprinklers. The kids learned to pick apricots and leave the pits on the fence for the squirrels. They also had raspberries and gooseberries. Over the next few days my grandma cooked us many good meals, including Curry Chicken which is one of my favorites. Rhianna loved wandering around the house looking at grandma's many beautiful things. She has read my grandma's life story so they could talk about her book and look with both grandma and grandpa at their picture albums. My grandpa has always loved mechanical toys and gadgets and so he took time to play with cars, yo-yos, tops, marbles, and more with the kids. I really felt their love in all they did with us and I am glad we had the time to visit.

We spent one afternoon visiting my grandma and grandpa Funk. My grandpa has had some strokes and now it seems like he has lost most of his memories. So it was harder to talk with him this time, but he also seemed gentler with the kids and they were able to sit with him. Rhianna even fell asleep on his lap. My grandma is doing really well. She told us all about the plays and operas they have been to this summer. She also spends time serving in the temple. She has always been very social and is still able to enjoy all these many things. Once again she made us a good dinner complete with Casco's ice cream she has always had for us when we visit.

We were also able to see my aunt Becky for a few minutes and go out to my aunt Tania's house. Tania had tons of delicious raspberries, and several animals for the kids to be around - new puppies, chickens, goats, and horses. The kids all got turns riding the horses - thank you Tania. Logan also has lots of memories for us since that is also where we went to school and met. So a few times we took the kids out and showed them some of the places we lived at USU, places we would go, we took a walk around campus, drove around the temple, and of course we got some Aggie Ice Cream.

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