Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One thing we discovered on our drive up to Rexburg was that leaving early works really well with our kids. We left at 6:30 am, they fell asleep again for most of the first few hours. Then there was just the middle section of the day that was kind of rough especially for Seth. Then Seth slept again after our lunch break and we made it up to Rexburg by about 4:30 pm. So that was how we did the long drives the rest of the trip.

Our time in Rexburg was pretty relaxing. Steve's parents are pretty busy in their retirement. They serve as Humanitarian Service Missionaries Mon-Wed and then serve in the Rexburg Temple on Fridays, so nearly full-time week of service. One of our highlights was getting to go to the Humanitarian Service Room and help them and others. They make all kinds of things to help people around the world (blankets, toys, newborn kits, hygiene kits) but at this time they were doing school kits. We helped put the school supplies in the bags to be sent to other children and that made Rhianna and Rand feel special that they could do that for kids their ages.

We also spent one day at the zoo in Idaho Falls with Steve's Aunt MaryJane and Uncle Stan and cousin Stephanie and her Sophia. Steve's brother Doug (the policeman) and Marnie also live near Rexburg so we got to see them a few times. The kids loved their dog until a tragic dog-walking incident in which Calvin the dog was too strong for Rand, pulled him over scraping his knees up pretty badly. He then said, as I carried him back home since he couldn't walk, "I am never getting a dog." Seth pulled the funniest faces when Calvin licked him. The kids also loved seeing all of Doug's police gear. Rand and Rhianna even got to ride in the police car to go get dessert.

Most of the rest of the time was pretty relaxing. We went to the park and splash park. They do free lunches for kids in the park on weekdays, so the kids loved doing that a few times. We went to the temple. There are beautiful gardens on the BYU-I campus that we wandered around in. We went to an airplane museum, the Teton Dam Museum, and the sand dunes. We did a little school shopping with Grandma. Grandma taught Rhianna Sudoku. Grandpa told stories. We talked and ate and read and played. We enjoyed being in a small town and walking to so many places. It was a great two weeks.

One of the funniest stories was from a dinner with the Humanitarian Missionaries. It was at a families home that has a lot of land and even some horses. The food was fantastic - dutch oven chicken, potatoes, scones, and then others brought sides and dessert - so good! Then Rhianna and Rand went on a little 4-wheeler ride. After that they were going to feed the horses. So I brought Seth along. We picked long grass and held it out for the horses. Seth did NOT want the horse to take that grass. He had a death grip on it and I was sort of worried the horse might get his fingers. Finally, the horse got the grass and Seth was SO upset. At any mention of the horse, he would hold out his hand and break down and be instantly sad. It was hilarious. I took a video of it the next day...

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