Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School

Rhianna is now in 2nd Grade. She has been very happy this week to be back in school. I hope it will be a great school year for her.

As of Thursday night, she is also now a toothless wonder. She lost a tooth in May, June, July, and now August. It makes for a cute smile and a tricky time eating.

Also, just for those wondering, the school cut-off date here is August 31, so Rand misses it by just a few weeks. So Rand and Seth are home with me. We will be doing an art class again and are already back to the YMCA and the library and getting back into the regular swing of things.

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Maria said...

Rhianna I love your back to school outfit. You look very cute and grown up too! I like your toothless smile!