Sunday, August 16, 2009

At the End of the Summer

This has been a fantastic summer. June had very mild temperatures, Rhianna and Rand played spectacularly well with each other, and my friend Corine did a cupcake/cooking club each week for the kids. Then we left on vacation. We left June 29 and just came home on Thursday. Nearly 7 weeks of vacation. We are really blessed that Steve had this flexibility to take his laptop and still be productive while away from work. I cannot possibly talk about all that we did, but I will try over the next few days to share some pictures and highlights. Most of all we are grateful to have had such an extended period of time with family that lives far away. So here we go...

June 29, approximately 2 miles from home (Alvernon & Speedway for those of you who know Tucson) Rand says "We should have taken a plane." Cracked me up...we weren't even as far as the airport and still had about 600 miles to go that day. In all we drove about 3000 miles spread out over the 7 weeks.

Breckenridge Family Reunion with the Funks - All of my family was there except my brother Brian, his wife Becky, and Lukas...good news for them though that their adoption was finalized on June 29 and so now Logan is part of their family. Highlights - huge house, Alpine Slide, water slide at the rec center, playing pool, talking, "Oh Brother" a book we wrote for and about Michael, grandkids cooking with grandma, string treasure hunt for the grandkids, puzzle treasure hunt for us grown kids (with an unbelievably hard Sudoku....all of us are now committed to learning Sudoku so we will win next time), hiking with a million mosquitos, huge jetted bathtub with 5 little kids, fireworks (Andrew saying "My toot made a sound like a firework"), hearing my dad speak as an Area Seventy

Most of us were then able to spend more time at my parents' house in Aurora. We loved the yard. We loved the grass, gardens (for digging and for strawberries, potatos, tomatos, squash, onions...) My dad headed back to work but still made time for us, playing Whoonu, taking us to the Thai restaraunt, telling stories, letting us come visit him downtown and taking us to lunch. My mom continued to take great care of us, make us great food. She played in the kiddie pool with all the kids, did a campout in the backyard with the kids, went on picnics and played at the park. Calvin started teaching Rhianna some piano lessons. Michael was fantastic about playing air hockey or ping pong or toys with the kids. I was glad to have extra time with Maria. Rand and Andrew played really well together. Emmy and Seth were hilarious, they could both scream a high pitch and then be super loving. I gave Seth his first haircut of his life at 19 months old. Steve and I also got to go to the Denver Temple once again.

The only scary moment, and it was terrifying for me, was watching Seth fall nearly all the way down the basement stairs. He was even going down the right, backwards on your belly, way. But he stopped a few stairs down, and when he started going again his foot was stuck and he did 2 full head-over-heels somersaults down to the bottom. I was right there at the top of the stairs and saw it all but couldn't move fast enough. He got up on his own and was scared but actually not too hurt. I was pretty cautious all the rest of the vacation. We then headed up to Rexburg, Idaho...

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merathon said...

falling down the stairs is the WORST! i have watched two of the three girls tumble all the way down the stairs and hope not to make it three for three!