Friday, June 26, 2009

Rhianna is Seven

This week has gone quickly, but we don't want to forget to talk just a bit about Rhianna, who turned 7 on Monday. She chose to have German Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast (at least my family always called them German Pancakes, but they are pretty much the same as crepes). Then for dinner she had 2 friends over, we made Hawaiian Haystacks and fruit pizza, and opened presents. It was just a nice night and we had fun talking with her and her friends and they had fun playing together. Rand was even good at keeping her new doll house a secret for over a month and we surprised her.

friends and brothers and birthday girl

fruit pizza w/chocolate shavings

the dollhouse

the surprise

playing on her birthday

Now for a few things about Rhianna:
*Master Chart & List maker - she has gone through grandparents' histories, written down everyone's names and birthdays, she makes charts for her toys, she just loves charts and lists
*Fabulous Reader - she still loves reading, loves that she does this just like her dad, and loves that she read The Mysterious Benedict Society faster than her mom
*She has already consulted friends on how to be 7 - she can't wait until next year when she is 8 and can get baptized.
*Performer and Leader - She got friends together to dance in the school Variety Show, was one of the leads in her class opera, and did the primary talent show.
*Tender heart - she really hates it when someone dies in a movie or book. It makes her very sad. The American Girl books have made her weep many times.
*Very determined and concerned about doing what she is supposed to do.
*Takes her role as a big sister very seriously. Rhianna and Rand have been playing amazingly well this summer and Seth just loves Rhianna and tries to join in. She loves the 2 boys even though sometimes it is also tiring being the oldest.


Becca and fam said...

Happy Birthday Rhianna!

Becca and fam said...

Happy Birthday to you too Stephanie!