Friday, June 19, 2009

Ode to Steve

Yesterday was Steve's Birthday. In the evening we gave him a few presents and then went out to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. Since leaving Austin we have been trying to find a good BBQ place (Oh how we miss having Rudy's right across the street) The other places we have tried here have failed us miserably. So this dinner could have ended tragically on his birthday, but it was actually pretty good. The chicken was good, pulled pork good, and the beef brisket okay. Not quite Texas BBQ but good....Now if I was as cool as Steve I could instantly come up with a little tune about my husband and the things I like about him...but I am not that cool so a little list will have to do.

*He reads more than any other person I know. Rhianna loves that she is like her dad and loves to read tons too. They both have spreadsheets to keep track of which books they have read, books to read, books ordered, books requested at the get my point.
*He has an amazing memory for all types of media. He actually remembers those books, remembers people on TV and movies (their names, other shows they are on) and often asks me if I recognize them. The answer is usually no, or if I do I have no idea why.
*He likes watching all kinds of movies and shows, so it is something we can do together. Yes we watch sports, but we also watch So You Think You Can Dance, Lost, Wheel of Fortune, The Mentalist, home shows, cooking shows, and all kinds of movies from Netflix.
*He works hard at his job and is doing well. Things move slowly in publishing academic papers so sometimes it is hard to see the progress, but he has lots of papers going and we are hopeful that those papers will soon get accepted. He has also become a better teacher and has found ways to enjoy it more, make it even better for the students, and be more efficient with his time.
*He is probably also one of the most efficient people I know. I still laugh every time he undoes his dress shirts 2 buttons at a time, one from the top, one from the bottom, to make it go fast. He uses 2 monitors at work to help him do multiple tasks. He can easily have multiple tabs pulled up on our home computer and switch between them. He has made even Tivo more efficient - not only do we fast forward commercials, but he has the 30 second skip deal programmed in so when watching football games he can go straight from one play to another.
*While he is very dedicated to his work, he also makes sure to do his church responsibilities, but it is also clear to me that we are his priority. He takes care of our budget, helps around the house, helps do FHE and takes turns reading to the kids, playing with them, and putting them to bed. We have all been working this year to be more healthy and we are sticking with it. He supports me in the things I do, PTA, visiting teaching, activities with the kids. He listens to me, the little things we do during the day, and the ways I feel about how things are going. It is clear that he loves me.

Okay so that is already a pretty long list so I will just stop. We also just had our anniversary. We have been married 11 years now! We say "I love you" a lot around our house - and we really do mean it! Happy Birthday Steve - I Love You!


2MyGirls said...

Happy Birthday/Annivesary!

Maria said...

Happy birthday and, today, Father's Day, Steve!