Saturday, May 30, 2009

Primary Talent Show

This was such a nice Primary Activity today. It was very relaxed, they talked about how long the kids have been learning these talents. Some kids brought things to display (Rhianna made a Lego house) and some kids baked the treats as their talent. There was everything from magic tricks, skipping, jump rope, skits to singing, piano, recorders, dance and guitar.

Rhianna chose to sing "Rise and Shout - The Boivie Family Song." Lots of people perked up with the tune (BYU's fight song) that Grandpa Boivie wrote new words to. This is now our family song that we often sing for Family Home Evening. (I didn't quite get the right button pushed at the beginning - so sorry I cut it off a bit.)

Rand wanted to do some basketball dribbling and then sing "Basketball is My Favorite Sport" a song Steve has taught the kids from when he was little. Rand did amazing at dribbling - his best ever - 52 bounces! And you will see he freestyles his song ideas a bit...we weren't quite sure what he was going to do and everyone enjoyed it. Several people thought his talent should also be comedian.


2MyGirls said...

I loved watching both of them. They both did great!

Maria said...

I really love the Boivie song, Rhianna. And Rand your dribbling was AWESOME! You even changed hands! I think we will have to play basketball at the reunion and you can teach Andrew.

Becca and fam said...

Rhianna sang great! Rand is such a ham! Cute videos.