Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding the Joy

On Mother's Day this year one of my friends spoke in church. She has a 6 year old, 3 year old, and new 2 month old. So as she started her talk she said at the moment with having a new baby (and a husband who is now a medical resident and busy) she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotionally unstable...but went on to give a great talk about finding joy in being a mother. It was good for me to hear then because at the time I had found myself getting more frustrated with the "baby" nature of Seth. I wasn't finding the extreme mess under the table after every meal joyful. So it helped remind me to enjoy the time of him learning to use a spoon and a regular cup (which also means messes) with him. To go along with him as he pulls my finger and me everywhere, as he gets better at saying words and communicating and playing, and to have fun with it.

One of the funniest stories she shared was about her husband and his mom and how she used humor instead of getting frustrated. She was a single mom with all girls and just the one boy. And when he was a teenager they often butted heads. One of the things that really bugged her was his sagging pants and she would get after him all the time. Then a friend recommended she use humor instead. So one day when he was at school she got all his underwear and sewed pink lace around the top edge. I guess he still sometimes sagged his pants, but even now all his friends remember the pink lace. We thought this was hilarious.

So lately Rhianna and Rand have been playing amazingly well together. But there was one day earlier this week that both of them were just particularly whiny...and it was starting to bug me. This story she told came back to my head so... I went over to Rand and stuck my finger up his nose and said (in a whiny voice of course) "Rand you put your boogers on me." And instantly things were funny and we were laughing and chasing each other and the whining was over.


merathon said...

i need that reminder EVERY day, so thanks, steph! that pink lace story is classic-- with all girls, that trick won't really work for me but maybe you'll need to use it someday! (who knows what the styles will be by then, though!)

Maria said...

Dave and I were cracking up about the pink lace. Creativity definitely helps.

Becca and fam said...

This is cute, and yet it's so hard for me to remember that. My dad used humor with me when I was a teenager, it worked miracles!