Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding the Joy

On Mother's Day this year one of my friends spoke in church. She has a 6 year old, 3 year old, and new 2 month old. So as she started her talk she said at the moment with having a new baby (and a husband who is now a medical resident and busy) she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotionally unstable...but went on to give a great talk about finding joy in being a mother. It was good for me to hear then because at the time I had found myself getting more frustrated with the "baby" nature of Seth. I wasn't finding the extreme mess under the table after every meal joyful. So it helped remind me to enjoy the time of him learning to use a spoon and a regular cup (which also means messes) with him. To go along with him as he pulls my finger and me everywhere, as he gets better at saying words and communicating and playing, and to have fun with it.

One of the funniest stories she shared was about her husband and his mom and how she used humor instead of getting frustrated. She was a single mom with all girls and just the one boy. And when he was a teenager they often butted heads. One of the things that really bugged her was his sagging pants and she would get after him all the time. Then a friend recommended she use humor instead. So one day when he was at school she got all his underwear and sewed pink lace around the top edge. I guess he still sometimes sagged his pants, but even now all his friends remember the pink lace. We thought this was hilarious.

So lately Rhianna and Rand have been playing amazingly well together. But there was one day earlier this week that both of them were just particularly whiny...and it was starting to bug me. This story she told came back to my head so... I went over to Rand and stuck my finger up his nose and said (in a whiny voice of course) "Rand you put your boogers on me." And instantly things were funny and we were laughing and chasing each other and the whining was over.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Paint

We have had requests to see the house with new paint. I like the white – it looks so clean and crisp and stands out good against the red brick. I was considering other colors (one was a very similar color to the brick and I thought would blend in too much, the others I was worried would look more peach against the brick than I wanted) but I am glad we went with this simple color. It looks nice and now all the wood is protected and the house in good shape for the summer monsoons.




Primary Talent Show


This was such a nice Primary Activity today. It was very relaxed, they talked about how long the kids have been learning these talents. Some kids brought things to display (Rhianna made a Lego house) and some kids baked the treats as their talent. There was everything from magic tricks, skipping, jump rope, skits to singing, piano, recorders, dance and guitar. Rhianna chose to sing "Rise and Shout - The Boivie Family Song." Lots of people perked up with the tune (BYU's fight song) that Grandpa Boivie wrote new words to. This is now our family song that we often sing for Family Home Evening.

Rand wanted to do some basketball dribbling and then sing "Basketball is My Favorite Sport" a song Steve has taught the kids from when he was little. Rand did amazing at dribbling - his best ever - 52 bounces! He freestyles his song ideas a bit...we weren't quite sure what he was going to do and everyone enjoyed it. Several people thought his talent should also be comedian.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The End of the Day

It has been a crazy, different day. We started with Rand nearly flooding the bathroom sink with bubbles and water (luckily it was just nearly flooded). Then the painters began.

Our house had been a light seagreen type color. Not our favorite, but also it was just getting worn and peeling in many places. With monsoons coming up later in the summer, we wanted to get the house repainted. They started at 8 am and realized after a little while that they would need more paint since we were switching to a white (Cream Delight to be specific). So I took all 3 kids to Lowe's and got another 5 gallon bucket...Rhianna was in charge of Seth in the stroller, with Rand assisting, and I got the paint on the big cart to make it easier to lift. Then home for Seth's nap and playing with the kids.

About an hour later and it is discovered the primer did not work on the back porch. The bare wood and stained wood are bleeding through the primer and paint making it look yellow. So I wake up Seth early from his nap, head back to Lowe's, get more paint, different primer, talk to them about the failed primer for a refund (they actually worked with us very well on that - no problems with refund - yeah) and head back home.

It is now just after 1 pm and we haven't had lunch yet. I had finished and went out of the kitchen for a minute. When I came back, Rand says, "My throat doesn't feel right." I first ask if he is choking, thinking maybe food is stuck. I can't remember if he said anything about his belly or just feeling weird, but luckily I turned his head onto his plate and he quickly threw up all the food he had just eaten. (Good news - That was it for the throw up, maybe it was the food leftovers, but the other funny part is our kids so rarely throw up they don't really know what is going on.)

Painters finish, Rand is watching a movie and relaxing, Rhianna is reading the Friend, and I am giving Seth a snack. I go to wash him off in the kitchen sink and see poo coming out of the top of the diaper. Then I realize it is coming out of his shorts, is all over my shirt...not good. So straight to the bath we go. Rhianna helped get the wipes and bags to dispose of the mess, Seth and I got washed off and changed....and the rest of the evening went pretty well. Of course Seth has also now learned to climb the bunk bed - not good - so plenty of time after dinner was spent in the futile attempt to teach him to tell Mom or Dad first that he wants to go up. And that was my day. Paint, Lowe's, bubbles, throw up, poop, and I am tired. Tomorrow should be normal.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seth Sings

I think this is Seth combining picking a song in nursery and singing it with us also singing/conducting in Family Home Evening. I just think it is super cute and this is what he does any time you ask him to sing.

I also just want to say I am so grateful for wonderful primary and nursery teachers in the few different wards we have lived in, both in Texas and here in Tucson. Rhianna and Rand are always able to tell us what they are learning about. Today Rhianna's teachers did a spotlight on her to make her feel special. And Seth has only been in nursery for a few weeks now but is already learning. They told me he really liked singing time. Tonight I was reading Rand a story for bed called "The Seals on the Bus." Seth recognized it quickly and then afterward we did the real song of "The Wheels on the Bus." He knew how to do all the actions even though he still can't speak very well. It was a good moment for me to see what he had learned. He also is learning songs like "I am Like a Star" "Once There was a Snowman" and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam." It is fun to watch and again I am so thankful for their service to my children.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Tooth

Rhianna lost another tooth on Monday night - this makes 3. It was very loose and she really wanted it out but wanted to pull it on her own. She came running out of her room, sort of a mixture of happy, excited and a bit of pain, saying "I think I pulled my gums out too!" Here she is: 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Time for Opera!

 The first graders in Rhianna's school learn about opera throughout the year. They then write and compose their own opera. Rhianna's class based their opera on the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff....but instead set in space with a balding alien from Jupiter as the troll and 3 space travelers from Neptune as the Billy Goats. Rhianna was the littlest - and did her part so well. YEAH RHIANNA!!

 Rhianna and her friend Amelia (in a different class and opera set on a farm) and Juan, Michaela, and Ron their opera teachers.