Wednesday, April 22, 2009


may be over here in Tucson...

For all my family in places such as Boston and Colorado where it was even snowing just last weekend, we have now been in the 90s for the past few days. Currently on my computer it says 93 - yes that is hot. We went to the splash park today and played in the water. The kids are switching to their early summertime wake up schedule that seems to happen every year. The boys have sweaty heads, we have turned on the fans and only sleep under sheets, we have put on sunscreen lots of times, and my kids say things like, "Call a taxi, I can't walk any farther." or "I will need a 100 drinks of water." or "Turn on the cold air - I'm melting!" Now this happens every year but it is still super hot. It will still go up and down a bit into the 80s I am sure but then up into the 100s when it is really summer. So while you all get tired of the snow and cold by March and April, you can see that we get tired of the heat by August and September. The weather really wore on me last year. I am going to try to deal with it better this year and I am also very glad that we will have a long fun vacation in the middle so we can visit family and escape the heat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Stephanie and I both read a book that we really liked and wanted to mention. The book is called Slumming by Kristen Randle.

It is a short book, but it is really interesting. It is about 3 LDS kids in a big high school. I really liked the book because it shows the kids making difficult, but correct moral choices while also dealing with their faith. The kids are LDS, but the book isn't really about that. I passed it on to Stephanie because I thought she liked it, and she got so hooked that she read it all in one sitting. I recommend you check it out. I linked to the author's website.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seth in Photos

Still learning to color - "Not in your Mouth!" is said frequently.

Just funny...

How big are you? - SO BIG!

We got all the kids sunglasses. When Seth puts his on I say "Cool Dude" and he repeats back "Dude, Dude"

He really likes to help...gets our shoes, swiffers, picks up, pushes the laundry baskets...

This is how we see Seth a lot lately. He climbs the most of any of the kids. He just pushes the kitchen chairs where he wants them and then climbs up. In this case he was headed for bananas.

A few weeks ago he was just a little sick for 2 days, you can see the rosy cheeks. Even though it makes sleeping a little harder, there is something very endearing about hugging and holding and comforting your little kids.

This was just last night. Seth loves holding hands and he and Rhianna wandered and played together for a while last night. Here they are snuggled in her bed.

Finally, sometimes I like comparing pictures of the kids at similar ages. This firetruck shirt was one of Rand's favorites and now Seth can wear it. You can see it is Easter in the picture of Rhianna and Rand so it is about identical timing. So Seth and Rand are both about 17-18 months in the picture, Rhianna is 3 getting close to 4.