Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

I just thought I would share a funny story that happened today. Rand had asked if he could watch a movie and we told him that he had to wait. This upset him and so he started whining. I asked him why he was whining and he said: "I'm whining because I didn't get what I wanted."

I found this totally hilarious and I broke out laughing. At least he is upfront about why he is whining.


Maria said...

That's funny. When I ask Andrew why for anything he says he doesn't know. I am not sure he understand what why means. Rand has it figured out!

OUR FAMILY said...

Kids are not the best liars are they? lol by the way our address is 1187 N 850 W Provo UT 84604

OUR FAMILY said...

Thanx for the picture that was pretty cool