Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

I just thought I would share a funny story that happened today. Rand had asked if he could watch a movie and we told him that he had to wait. This upset him and so he started whining. I asked him why he was whining and he said: "I'm whining because I didn't get what I wanted."

I found this totally hilarious and I broke out laughing. At least he is upfront about why he is whining.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whitmore's Got Talent!

Last night was the variety show for Rhianna's school. When she first heard about the show she wanted to do something. She thought of several ideas that were talents. Their OMA teacher Ms Joy had just taught them a line dance since it was February and Rodeo time. So Rhianna asked a few of her friends (and their moms) and last night the six of them were the only 1st graders in the show. The girls decided to wear blue jeans or skirts and pink shirts. Then one of the other moms found the pink bandanas and hats. Very cute dancers! It was a really fun night. There were dances (besides Rhianna's group, we especially liked the Irish step dancers), singing (Rand thought the girl singing Love Song was so pretty he had to take a picture of her), instruments (piano, recorder played with the nose, electric guitar, gu-cheng chinese stringed instrument), hula hooping, skits, etc. There were kids from every grade K-5 performing, but mainly 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. The 5th graders were MCs too and did some of the stage work along with help from several parents. I was helping with the music, so I also want to thank Steve for helping with the boys. They also had free treats at intermission. My friend Corine was the main one in charge of all of this....and it went so well. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So just a few updates from recently.... Rhianna was super into Valentine's Day again. She made all the cards for her class with construction paper and doilies - she just thinks they are prettier if she makes them. We also curled her hair with rags that weekend. I actually think both the before and after are cute.

 The rodeo is a big deal around here. Rand made a cowboy vest in art class. 

They even have Rodeo Break and get 2 days off of school. The PTA did a Rodeo Dinner with hot dogs etc plus some little games like horse roping and digging for gold. The kids liked getting their faces painted. 

 The first grade classes also had a rodeo lunch cooked on coals...but I guess it was hot enough that day (probably in the 80s) plus the heat of the fire and most of them just ate "warmed" hot dogs. Rhianna said she just had the adults help. Thanks to other great parents! They also got to have a Shetland Pony and Clydesdale come to their school for an assembly. 

 In the middle of all that my cousin Chandra was in town for work just for a little while, so she stopped by our house and we got to talk for a little while. During the actual Rodeo Break, Amelia and Grace were at our house for the 2 days while Bob was at work and Corine was in CA helping family. We mainly stayed around the house (though we did go out to the park and YMCA too). So the kids played, colored, made flower gardens for their moms, watched movies, ate snacks, etc. You may laugh, but I rediscovered that I really do like Ramen Noodles. Steve hates them so I haven't bought them or eaten them in the 10+ years we have been married. I might just have to get a few now and then... 

 Rhianna read a super huge book - The Mysterious Benedict Society. Steve and I read it too. It is a young adult novel about 480 pages long about a group of kids, all smart and talented in different ways, that have to "save the world." It is pretty easy to understand, a little intense at times, and long, but Rhianna did it. Here she is reading on the bed with Steve. 

 And Seth...he is still so fun and cheerful.... 
but now he really gets into stuff. He can open all the doors now so my technique of keeping him out of bathrooms or other places no longer works. He is our climber. He has been able to climb on the beds and couches for a while now. Though we try to make him sit on his bum he just thinks we are funny. Today he discover how to climb on the kitchen chairs and then up onto the table. I guess I will be busy keeping an eye on him. For example, Seth and Rand were playing outside the other day and were cute so I got the camera and started taking pictures.  I stopped when he moved past just putting dirt in his mouth and started putting whole plants in. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleeping In

This week has been a week of early wake up calls. Since it was Saturday yesterday I did actually want to get a little bit more sleep. So when Rand woke up at 6:30 am I just turned on a TV show quick and went back to bed. When Seth woke up, I had Steve get up with him.

Then Rand bursts into my room.

"Mom, Rhianna and I are bored. Why are you sleeping in so long?"

"Rand, what time does it say on the clock?"

"7:13 - I am so hungry." nice to sleep in.