Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dinosaur Day

Rand and I have been reading books and watching movies and learning a little about dinosaurs. So yesterday we went as a family to the T-Rex Museum. It is a very small building with a few hands on paleontology type things to do. Kind of pricey but we had fun. First they took us around one little room and told us about different prehistoric creatures and let the kids touch fossils of those creatures (from trilobites to teeth to dino doo and vomit). They had a movie about dinosaurs, including popcorn while they watched, but the kids lost interest after a while. So we got to...

dig in sand for fossils

pan for gold and other treasures

and then do a very light dusting for stones and some hard hammering to break open geodes. They gave us some shale to take home and we will use a peanut butter knife or something to break them open later and see if they have fossils inside.

We then finished our day out with lunch at McDonald's, not the dinosaur one as Rand requested but still one with a playplace. Seth is getting into climbing (luckily he couldn't really climb in this one) but was very good at bringing me bits of other kids' food that he found. Rhianna wanted to keep things going and so then we even drew pictures of some of their treasures and rocks and stuff when we got home. It was a really fun Saturday.

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