Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks Rand....

for teaching me all about "toe milk" at such a young age. YUM!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Best Aunt

 As we drove away from the airport yesterday, Rhianna said, "I told Valerie she was the best Aunt because all my aunts are the best." What a great way to put it - we have such wonderful family and are so glad when we get the chance to see any of them. 

Valerie flew in the middle of the night on December 26 so the family woke up to see her on the 27th and then she stayed until yesterday, January 3. Honestly most of our time was just spent playing around the house. She is great at building with Legos, coloring with chalk and crayons, playing dolls, dancing, sword fighting, curling hair and painting nails, and of course all kinds of games. She had Rhianna amazed that she could pull a ball out of her ear. So then they made a deal that she would have to learn some other card tricks first to learn the "object out of the ear" trick. Well, the card tricks are cooler than the ball trick we decided. Rhianna always loves having Valerie for a roommate and Rhianna and Rand even got to have a sleepover on the air mattress one night. Steve and I got to spend many hours each night just talking to Valerie. 

 We did go out for a few adventures. We went to Trail Dust Town (and later watched The Apple Dumpling Gang to get in the true old time spirit). It was just fun wandering around seeing the old time jail, wagons, candies, shooting gallery. We rode on the little train and Rhianna got to ride up front and blow the whistle. We also went forever in circles on the 100+ year old carousel.  

 We also went out to the Desert Museum, a mainly outdoor museum very close to Saguaro National Park west of town. It was December 29, and even though we have lived here a while, we were not prepared for how warm it would be, I think upper 70s to 80s. Rhianna had just worn a sweatshirt and was super hot. Luckily Valerie had 2 shirts on and so Rhianna could wear one. Rand was super hot and not Steve made a deal - ice cream if there was no whining - and the rest of the museum was fun. The mountain lion was sitting in perfect position. They had lots of great snakes. They had otters and beavers but I liked watching these tiny crabs kicking up sand. And we watched part of the Free Flight Bird Show and it was amazing how close the birds would skim over our heads. So with a break for ice cream in the middle, we were able to enjoy 3 hours wandering the museum.  We love you Valerie!!