Saturday, December 13, 2008

What happened to November???

We haven't posted in a long while. It felt like Halloween lasted for several weeks. I love candy and even I got sick of it. Luckily Steve has several college students that are happy to take our leftovers so we could get all the mounds of candy out of our house.

On November 1 Steve's parents came to visit for about 2 weeks. It was their first time seeing Seth and a great time to be around him. I think they really liked how he would "mmmmm" after every bite of food. They came to eat school lunch with Rhianna and had time to play at parks. Rhianna got some girl time with Grandma and Rand really loved Grandpa and hearing stories he would tell.

Near the end of their visit, all of Steve's brothers and his sister came into Tucson for the weekend. So we had a little mini-reunion. Most of the time was spent just talking and laughing. We did go out to a park on Saturday for pictures and a picnic and fun. Greg had to leave Sunday night, but on Monday while Carol watched the kids (thank you) all the rest of us went up to the Monday Night Football game (Arizona Cardinals vs. SF 49ers). It was our first pro football game and very fun, active game with lots of action and points.

Then the next day I started feeling crummy. I thought it was just lack of sleep at first since we didn't get home from the game until 2 am and I still had to be mom and get up at 6 with Seth. It was probably the combo of late night, freezing because of the A/C at the game, and all my kids having been sick for the previous 2 weeks....but I was miserable. Rich and Carol went back on Wed and I just laid around as much as possible. My good friend Corine took the boys during the day and then took Rhianna after school while the boys napped so I actually got good rest and got better fairly quickly.

Then we had a yummy Thanksgiving the next week. We had the Laws over (a family we know from church) and so the kids had fun playing and we liked talking and getting to know them better. Our kids favorite is the cranberry sauce my mom created. We actually eventually made 3 huge batches this year, one we gave away but we just love eating the stuff. And everything else was good too.

And that was November. Our computer totally died right before Thanksgiving and so just earlier this week we got our new computer and got it all set up. We are really enjoying this Christmas season. We quickly got all the shopping done and so now we are just singing songs, watching movies, and relaxing leading up to Christmas. We set up our tree a week ago. Rhianna and Rand worked so well together this year and it was fun watching Seth get so excited and just work to put things on and pull them off. I realized we only had our small tree with the other kids so I have no memories like this with them.

Steve is done with classes and has even finished grading his final projects. Rhianna just has 4 days of school left and we are happy and feeling the joy of the season.

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Valerie said...

I wish I were done with finals already... One down, five to go. Thanks for the phone call this morning! I can't wait to see you!