Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rand's Art Class

Once again I did an art class with Rand through parks and rec (Rhianna and Rand also had separate dance classes this time too...we'll see what classes we take next year.). This one was focusing more on masks and puppets. Rand loves Ms Lilly and I love that she is so creative and kind and flexible. She is so welcoming to having Seth and just laughed as he would wander around, mainly trying to grab as many markers as possible.

And I love Rand's art. It was always so fun for me to go to class, hear what the project was, and then see what Rand's take on it would be. I tried to get pictures of several of the projects so here are a few samples:

This was a robot puppet of some kind whose name was all the letters and numbers he stuck on... You can see the K08R and there were more on the front.

This became an alien turtle mask - notice all the eyes and antennas.

This pumpkin became an alien bat pumpkin.

Probably my favorite - the skeleton was an spider pirate skeleton with hat, sword, 8 arms, lots of glitter glue, and brads to keep it moving.

Finally, a pirate hat. He loves those eyes so of course there are a ton. Plus an eye patch, treasure chest, pirate flag and feathers to finish it off.


merathon said...

that is quite the budding artist you've got there! nice work, rand!

Maria said...

Great art Rand! Andrew really loves art too now so when we have our family reunion we will have to bring stuff to do some projects.