Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a very fun Christmas Week. Once again we celebrated Christmas Adam on Dec 23 (since Adam came before Eve) with a few friends. The Neumillers and Gorbys came over for dinner and lots of dessert and then we played games and talked for a little while.

On Christmas Eve we slowly started wrapping gifts and bringing them out under the tree. Seth loves paper and we were right in that he would want to go after them. So this way only one day of super guarding the tree. We ate our big Christmas meal that night, again with a few friends from church. We had ham, rolls, salad, mashed potatoes, baked mac & cheese and more of the desserts still left over (we made lots of food both days so we didn't have to cook at all on Christmas or the day after).

After the friends left, we then read the story of Christ's birth from Luke, with Steve as narrator and all the rest of us as actors. I think it took us longer to find all the costumes and get dressed than the actual account but it was still fun. Rhianna was Mary, Rand was Joseph, and Seth and I were shepherds. They were sad Grandpa wasn't here to be the donkey.

Then into Christmas pajamas and off to bed...

Christmas morning Rand and Seth both woke up right before 7 am and then we got Rhianna. We looked in our stockings and then ate breakfast - eggs and biscuits made by Steve. Then we took turns one by one opening presents. Seth was happy helping with the paper, then would play with a toy, then back to opening more. Rand and Rhianna were really kind. Rand was so excited to give this year - he picked out a purple fairy Barbie for Rhianna and was so excited for her to open it. Rand made a big point of taking Steve to the store and bought me a necklace and earrings. Rhianna had made us all service cards - things she would do for us - Dad (make his bed) Mom (Do the dishes all by herself) Rand (play guns with him) Seth (sing him a song). I already cashed my dishes coupon in and she did them happily and even tells me I can use it again.

Brian and Becky and Lukas had our name and went with a musical we had a whole band going for a while in our house. Seth is happy to have all kinds of things to bang together and make different noises with. I particularly seriously love it when Rhianna and Rand try to play the really sounds like music.

Their Boivie grandparents made them all scarves and hats.

They wore them out to draw with chalk but it started raining. Yes it was actually really chilly for a few days and got down past freezing 2 nights, but now we are back to lovely 60s in the day. And we just have had a fun few days playing with all the other toys - reading, coloring, building, pretending. Thank you to all our good family who sent us pictures or gifts. We are truly enjoying them.

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