Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

June 12, 2008 was our 10 year wedding anniversary. Ten years ago we had barely managed to make it from Utah and school to Colorado to get married. In fact, the car was stuck in Rawlins, WY with an engine damaged beyond the car’s worth to repair. But that day was beautiful. I was so happy being in the temple, being married to Steve for all of eternity. I enjoyed all the pictures and lunch and reception and everything about that day.

This year on our anniversary we went out to breakfast as a family, dropped Rand and Seth off at a friend’s house, and then took Rhianna to get her cast cut off and the pins removed from her arm. Besides a little drama and crying, still a good day.

Our first Christmas together ten years ago we were very poor undergrad students, both heading into the final semester of our senior years. We went down to visit Steve’s family, but had to return on Christmas Eve. Since we didn’t have much, I worked at a movie theater to give us a little money but also to give us free dates. And I was required to work on Christmas day. So we returned to Logan – where everything was closed and the only place we could get food was at the 7-11 – and then had our own little Christmas morning just the two of us.

This year for Christmas it will again be just our family. But we like it that way. We enjoyed the years of visiting both families around Christmas. But now we are happy to stay home and enjoy our own traditions and time together. And now there are five of us. We are so blessed to be a family and to have enjoyed these ten years together.

One of the things we love about doing our blog is that it allows our friends and family to follow along with our life throughout the year and not just at Christmas time. Along those lines we would encourage you to read a few accounts of some of our memorable events.


Rand's collision into our bookcase


Uncle Scott came to visit


Rhianna and Rand's first tithing

Rhianna and Rand's dance class


Seth at six months old


Steve's teaching award

Rhianna breaks her arm


Family birthdays, anniversary, and Rhianna's cast coming off


Rhianna loses a tooth

Our mini vacation




Rand's surgery

Rand's 4th Birthday


Aunt Maria's visit

Seth turns one


Steve's mini-family reunion

And just for fun, here are a few statistics of what has happened during our 10 years of marriage:

3 cars owned (Kia Sephia, Honda Civic, and Honda Odyssey)

10 different apartments or houses lived in

4 cities lived in (Logan, Provo, Austin, Tucson)

4 university degrees (B.S. for Stephanie and Steve, Master's and PhD for Steve)

3 kids (Rhianna, Rand, and Seth)

4 trips out of the country (Mexico, Canada twice, and Singapore)

1 class reunion attended (Canada), 1 skipped to go to NY

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas. We love you all.


Becca and fam said...

Merry Christmas! I love all the family stats at the end!

Valerie said...

I love the family pictures, especially the picture of the three kids. It reminded me of Rhianna's comment when Rand was a baby: "Poor Mommy, she doesn't have blue eyes." Love you!!!

Andrea said...

Merry Christmas! You have had quite a year. A few breaks, some wonderful memories, and a lot of love. When you celebrate your next 10 year anniversary you will have two teenagers. My how fast time flies.

Unknown said...

how cute and I love that idea of updates like that