Friday, October 31, 2008

Primary Program

Our ward had our primary program last Sunday. As usual, it was very sweet to see all of the children do their parts and hear them sing the songs. This was Rand's first program and it was really fun to watch him. We have church at 1pm and Rand is often fairly tired at that point in the day. When he gets tired, his ability to control his impulses goes down just a bit. His class were among the first to do their parts and he did fine remembering it, but he practically yelled it into the microphone. What was really funny was that during the first few songs he couldn't just stand there and sing. He was really moving around and waving his arms, and doing lots of funny hand motions. Then about halfway through the program they were supposed to stand up and sing a song, but he just stayed sitting down. He put his head on his teacher's shoulder and fell asleep. He then slept through the rest of the program.

I also want to note that Rhianna did great. She was assigned a scripture to read and she got up to the pulpit and read it perfectly. She is such a great reader.

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Unknown said...

sounds like fun wish I could have been there to visit I miss that ward!!! We like the one were in though....give the kids all a hug from us!!!!