Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth!

Today is Seth's 1st Birthday. We had a very nice day and just enjoy having this little boy in our family. This afternoon we had Amelia, Grace, Bob, and Corine come over for the traditional First Birthday Cake. After opening a few presents, we went out on the back porch with Seth just in a diaper and he got his very own cake to do with as he pleased.

At first he just dipped his fingers in a little and licked them off. It seemed like he would look around at us amazed that we weren't stopping him. But then he started digging in more. He actually ate quite a bit of cake because he would take a handful and then really try to eat it all, lick his fingers, pick up pieces that dropped. He got messy but not super messy - just wanted to eat it. Steve eventually got him a drink and so he would take turns eating and drinking. At the end he was pulling up huge chunks and trying to eat them. Eventually we stopped him because we just figured that was enough cake for one little boy.

I am so glad he is my boy. After having Rhianna and Rand, I always sort of felt like I wanted a third child. But it actually took us a while of thinking about it and praying about it before we thought we should try to have another baby. Then it took us 9 months to get pregnant, a hard 9 months for me since the other two happened so quickly and I wanted this baby so much. And Seth has just been the perfect baby for us. He has a happy, fun, calm personality. He could just go along with the flow of going other places with bigger brothers and sisters. He was cuddly and cute and I think helped me enjoy all my kids more.

And now that he is one, he is just developing into a fun little boy. He started taking his first steps the weekend of Rand's birthday in September - so now he is quite good at walking. He laughs at Rhianna's dancing and opera singing and so is a good brother for her. His first word is Dino (okay he actually only says "DI" but he really knows what it means...all the other sounds are mainly just sounds still). So he is getting better at playing dinos, blocks, balls, etc with Rand and can also take a bit of the rough housing. Just this week I was working with Rand on dribbling the basketball and Seth just stands there and waves his arms up and down like crazy like he is bouncing the ball. We have been switching him to drinking whole milk and he is pretty much eating what we eat broken in little pieces. He has blonde hair that is still not too thick, a great smile and laugh, and his little toes are starting to show the wear of walking everywhere - dirt and broken nails. And I just love him!


Maria said...

He is a really sweet boy. He has a great personality for being the youngest. He really is mellow and happy just about all the time. Happy birthday little boy Seth!

michael funk said...

Now I know why you named him Seth Michael Boivie. He's just like me. Cuddly and following everyone around trying to play and do everything everyone else is doing. He's even the youngest just like me. Happy Birthday Seth Michael. The big #1.

Becca and fam said...

OH, cute! He looks like he LOVED that cake!