Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Go Red Sox! Go Pats! Boo Yankees!

The day after Rand's birthday my sister Maria and her two kids, Andrew and Emmy, came to visit us. They were out in Utah for Dave's sister's wedding and so then took the time after to come down to visit us. They got to stay for 10 days and we had such a nice time together.

I think Rhianna's favorite was either getting girl time with Maria (playing Polly Pockets, painting fingernails, going to the library and out for ice cream) or having us come visit her for school lunch. It actually worked out well that she had a few early out days for Parent-Teacher Conferences so we also got to go to some museums and parks all together.

Rand and Andrew did really well together. They both love cars and trains and chasing each other around and playing Mouse Trap and Zingo. Of course Rand had one major break down in the library and there were arguments over toys and time outs to follow. But the great thing is that then they are right back to playing. We got to go to a few extra parks while Rhianna was in school and they always did great together, on the playgrounds, throwing things in the water, riding the little train.

And it was fun to see the 2 closest cousins together. Seth is just about 3 1/2 months older than Emmy. He actually was really gentle with her and though he stared at her great hair, didn't try to pull it that often. He was much more interested in her pacifier. He always would pull it out and either try to get it back in her mouth or try to stick it in his. Seth has been walking all around the furniture and walls for a while but is now taking steps and walking on his own. Usually still it is just 3 or 4 steps but his max is probably up to 15 or so by now. He is getting better and better and Emmy was trying to stand too after watching him.

I loved watching all the kids together, watching my kids with Maria, and of course evenings when we just had time to talk. Maria has great energy about her - even with waking up with Emmy (who we think was working on 4 teeth coming in...) she would then go out on bug and lizard hunts with Rand and Andrew. And it was seriously hot outside! And she cooked us some good brownies and enchiladas. She found time to read a book and help plan her kitchen remodel from far away. She is just a great mom for Emmy and Andrew with their little personalities. It was a great visit. Thanks Dave for all the Boston shirts and hats (and of course the Harvard one for Steve). We are so glad we had all the time to spend together.


Maria said...

Thanks Steph, it was such a nice trip. Two days this week when Dave came home from work and asked Andrew what he did that day, Andrew said, "I played Zingo and Mousetrap with Rand." I guess it is boring with just me so he is mentally reliving the time with Rand. I am glad though. Tell everyone hello!

merathon said...

poor red sox. . . patrick is not a happy man today.

i'm glad you got to hang out with maria! she is so great and i'm sad she had to leave charlotte but boston is a great place too. haven't heard from her in ages!