Monday, September 8, 2008

Rand's Surgery

Rand was our super brave boy once again!! Today he had his hydrocele surgery and everything went fine. It was a weird hydrocele, even the surgeon said so, and that was why it was seeming so strange on the ultrasounds and exams. There were actually two hydroceles on the one side and one had somehow gotten twisted around on itself which was causing the blue coloring. She also scoped the other side and everything there looked fine so we shouldn't have to worry about any problems on that side in the future. We had a great surgeon and nice nurses at the hospital. The wait, even with the bubbles and the stuffed animal and books and things they had for him, was probably the hardest. The surgery just took about 1 hour and then just over an hour in recovery. He would just smile and sleep and smile and sleep as he slowly came out of the medication.

And since we have been home he has done really well. He was really starving since he hadn't been able to eat since last night. And then I had to just slowly give him food to make sure he could handle it after the anesthesia. He said a few times it hurt but has been moving around good and is now in bed. We will see the surgeon again in a few weeks to follow up but I think he is fine.


Melissa said...

Hyrum had this surgery along with a hernia repair a few months ago. Always a little scary. So glad that it went well!!

2MyGirls said...

We hope you have a speedy recovery, Rand. Get well soon.

The Gorbys