Friday, September 26, 2008

Rand's 4th Birthday!!

We had a nice day on Rand's birthday. We had to wake up really early to leave for a church temple trip up to Phoenix. But the drive was nice, Seth slept, Rhianna and Rand watched movies and Steve and I got to talk. The kids had a great time playing in a nearby church while Steve and I went to the temple. In fact their legs and feet were totally dirty and black from playing around on the gym floors but they really had fun. The ward provided a lunch for all of us and then we headed back to Tucson.

We hid Rand's presents around the house and he and Rhianna did a treasure hunt to find them (he really liked that Rhianna got a treasure hunt on her birthday). They then just played with toys until dinner.

Rand decided he wanted egg sandwiches and bacon for dinner and a T-Rex cake. It was a yummy dinner and the cake was really fun. It was from a silicone mold we bought which was not quite so easy to get some of the parts out of the mold. But after frosting it and letting the kids add decorations it turned out great and made Rand (and Rhianna) really happy and excited and proud.

We just had a nice day together as a family celebrating Rand. He is so bouncy and funny and brave...he likes singing and dancing and writing and playing and pretending and so much more. We are glad he is part of our family.


merathon said...

sounds like a fun day! i think kids just get more and more fun every year!

love steve's face, btw!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday Rand! I am glad we were able to spend time with you right after your birthday. You really are a great, bouncy, happy kid!

Becca and fam said...

He's 4!!!! That just seems so old! Happy Birthday Rand!