Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Day of First Grade

Rhianna started back to school on Thursday, August 14...a few days late since we were having so much fun in California. She wore her new Disney shirt for the first day and so we also put Rand and Seth in their new Disney shirts. So here is a look at our now First Grader - who gets to eat outside at lunch by the way!! - and our 2 boys: (I should also tell you that Rhianna chose a Tinkerbell Polly Pocket for her toy and then bought another Polly Pocket set with her money.) 

(Rand wanted us to buy him a set of Cars...and then used his money to buy this Mickey Mouse sword that lights up that he is pointing with in the picture.) 

The Happiest Place on Earth!!

Disneyland!! We are back from our trip and really (except for a few moments here and there when we were all just tired and had small breakdowns) it was a super great trip. 

We went to Disneyland on Friday. We got in line at about 7:45, just before they opened and then headed back to Fantasyland. It was perfect. No lines and so we rode Dumbo a few times, the carousel, Peter Pan, Mr Toad's Wild ride...and the kids really loved the rides. Seth had a bottle and fell asleep, so then Steve and I took turns taking the kids on different rides for a while. 

We headed to Toon Town and then the Princess Fair. That was a good break, time to sit, eat a snack, let Seth crawl. And then Grandma and Krista met us back in Toon Town for some rides on the little roller coaster. By the way, Rhianna has a really great scream! 

We got fast passes to Buzz Lightyear and ate lunch while we waited for our turn. We then got on Star Tours since there was hardly any line. The kids got to do this one twice since we did the baby switch here. They wondered if we were really going into space.  We then headed back to the hotel for some naps. 

We went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Rand really wanted pepperoni pizza, which may have been one of the best decisions we made since he was super re-energized after that food. We rode the monorail back in. Then headed to rides like the jungle cruise, Pirates (Steve had the good idea of having Rand fight the pirates with a pretend sword so the dark didn't scare him), and others...ending with Big Thunder Railroad in the dark at about 8:30 pm.  

On Saturday we went to California Adventure. We rode all the little rides in the Bug's Life area, the 3D Bug things freaked Rand out and so I took him out. We did the Monsters Inc ride which Seth loved. Then the Talking with Crush....and then this was when we all (me included) sort of broke down. Rhianna wanted bigger, funner rides. We were tired. But we got a few fast passes and then just went and sat in a pavilion and ate lots of snacks for about an hour while we waited. That again was a good decision. We all felt much better. We did the Soaring over California ride (a simulated flight over California with even the scent of oranges added) and the White Water Rafting ride (we all got a little wet but I think I got soaked the most - good placement in the boat I guess) and those were great rides to end the day on. We bought each of the kids a shirt and a toy and then they each spent some of their own money to buy more toys. 

Sunday we went to Church and just relaxed around the hotel. Then the conference really started for Steve. So on Monday I went with the kids and my mom and Krista to Seal Beach. It was a nice beach, not very crowded, nice sand...and we stayed for a few hours just playing, building an octopus, finding sea shells. Even Seth loved playing and got sand everywhere and then fell asleep on the beach. We even did a fairly good job with the sunscreen and only got spots of sunburn, the worst probably a blister on Rand's ear.

Grandma left Monday night, but all the rest of us went to the BYU Ice Cream Reception and got to see a bit of what happens at the AoM Conference.  

On Tuesday we went to the Discovery Science Center and spent several hours playing there. At lunchtime Krista left to drive back to Las Vegas, but we kept playing. I think the kids favorite was maybe this "water pump" with balls...there were all kinds of building things and activities and they enjoyed it. Rhianna even lost tooth #2 just before we left. 


That just left us to pack and play a bit on Wednesday morning while Steve had his session. So we left and headed back home to Tucson at about 11 am. Again the drive was good. 

We were blessed with a few great things on this trip (besides just having fun and getting time with Grandma and Krista). Seth fell really hard against the leg of the chair the first night in the hotel. We put ice on it and watched him closely but Steve and our friend Bob also gave him a blessing. That HUGE goose egg went away so quickly and he was just fine. 

We beat a terrible storm on our way home. I think we arrive in Tucson at about 8pm and the rain started about 8:30. This knocked over trees, downed power lines, and did a lot of damage. It would not have been good to drive in. But we were safe and our power flickered on and off a few times that night, was out from 10:30 am-4:30 pm on Thursday but now is fine. Our van's tire didn't go flat until Thursday morning. We knew the tires were getting old and worn and we had been thinking of getting new ones. So instead of repair the hole or whatever that problem was, I just got new tires on Thursday. 

Again we are glad we had so much fun. We are so happy that Krista and Grandma could come with us, have sleepovers with Rhianna and Rand, and see the kids first time at the ocean and Disneyland. I love my little family and loved watching their reactions to these new things. I am glad we could have such a nice time together.