Thursday, July 3, 2008


Rhianna has some exciting news to share!! Here it is in her own words:

I lost my tooth! It is so amazing. Guess when it was lost? 2008 July 3rd. I lost it in my room. It feels like I'm a big girl that is 6. I want to tell everybody that it feels so cool to have a tooth that's not in your mouth. You pretty much want to be careful so it doesn't really get lost and you can't find it anymore. Now hurray there's another one coming out in a while. It's great! Hurray! I saved this part for last because it's the specialist part of the news - I lost it right before I went to bed and I showed all my family members. Too bad Seth wasn't old enough to understand it. Now I will let my mom share her thoughts about it.

Back to Stephanie: This tooth has been wiggly for a while. But it really started moving around this week. And I noticed just earlier today that the color was starting to change. Steve and I both tried pulling at it a little bit, but it hurt Rhianna and bled a little bit and so then we just told her to keep at wiggling and pulling it (by the way I never liked pulling my own teeth - I made my mom pull a bunch of them - and so I probably didn't do too great of a job pulling at Rhianna's either). It is out now and she is so cute!! Now we will wait on tooth #2 - the one right next to it started to wiggle about a week or so ago...

Also, Rand didn't want to be left out, so here is what he had to say about this momentous event.

I'm happy that my sister has a loose tooth. That is so exciting! I surprised myself when I saw that her tooth was so bloody. I am so happy that when I get six I am going to lose a tooth too. Okay that is nice. It was so cool and then I broke the glasses (editorial comment, he broke an old pair of his dad's glasses that were on the desk) and I am proud that my sister has a loose tooth and the roots came out and were stuck to her gums.


Maria said...

Congrats Rhianna! You look so cute with a missing tooth. I hope you enjoy losing many more!

And Rand, I bet when you are six you will have fun wiggling out all your baby teeth too. Until, then, make sure to keep them all in your mouth!

OUR FAMILY said...

I am so excited for you and I bet you had the tooth fairy come and visit you and everything. JaCoby went to the dentist before kindergarten starts (wich is soon) and his new dentist said that he has 2 teeth that are loose but he hasn't lost any yet....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! ;)